Nursing Leadership Styles Paper

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Nurses are a vital part of the health care system and the leaders that manage their performance can affect their productivity, trust, and even acceptance of change. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my style of leadership based on a leadership style survey. I will also describe what leadership and management theories align with my leadership style. After presenting my leadership style, I will discuss the work environment that this style would be successful in. I will conclude with three key behaviors that will demonstrate the skills of a successful leader.
Personal Leadership Style The leadership style survey is a questionnaire that determines your style of leadership beliefs based on your answers. During this survey, I determined …show more content…

Transformational leadership align with my participative style because engaging with others will bring a higher level of motivation between employees and strives on mutual growth (Huber, 2014). Studies have shown that transformational leadership leads to a positive work environment, which promotes work satisfaction, and psychological commitment in nurses (Gillet, Fouquereau, Bonnaud-Antignac, Mokounkolo, & Colombat, 2013). The systems theory is an integration of various concepts that interact with each other to better achieve a goal in a positive way. This management system aligns with my participative leadership style due to everyone working toward a goal, but taking into consideration that any deviation between the concepts can affect the entire system as a whole (Huber, 2014). This management style also helps make positive future plans by involving the staff to give feedback and input to identify how effective a goal is working. This allows for any adjustments to be made along the way to improve future goals. Although long-term goals are a primary focus of any organization, I believe working on short-term goals are more effective to achieve a long-term goal using a step-by-step …show more content…

The first behavior trait that demonstrates a successful leader is self-awareness, which consist of being aware of their behavior and how this can affect others around them. These leaders can analyze the feelings and thoughts of their staff and present themselves as their authentic self (Leroy, Palanski, & Simons, 2012). The second positive leadership behavior is self-management. Self-management consist of having control over your own behavior with the ability to manage actions, performance, and find resources that will contribute to a positive attitude to keep from reflecting negative feelings onto others you work with (Breevaart, Bakker, Demerouti, 2014). The last behavior that demonstrates a positive leadership is social awareness. This behavior allows you to put yourself in another person’s situation and portray the emotions and understanding from their perspective. This behavior also shows empathy and sensitivity toward others (Huber,

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