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Nurse Leadership All nurses are leaders, but demonstrate their leadership abilities on different levels. There are managers, charge nurses and staff nurse. The managers are leaders of the unit and oversees all the team members on their floor. Their job is to make sure everything operates smoothly. If something is wrong, they take action to correct the problem. They are also followers because they follow higher ups demands. It was interesting to read, “Managers see work as a task to be accomplished” (The New Leadership Challenge: Creating the Future of Nurses-4th edition, 2013). That is not a positive leader comment, which seemed like the manager was looking down on their team. Communicating effectively is a huge skill to nurse leadership. Proper …show more content…

The situational theory talks about “someone being in the right place at the right time” (The New Leadership Challenge: Creating the Future of Nurses-4th edition, 2013), to make change. The skills needed to become an aspiring nurse leader emphasise continually that safe, high quality, compassionate care is the top priority. Being supportive, available, empathic, fair, respectful, compassionate thoughout a patients admission is needed for a positive patient experience. A leader that demonstrates all these skills will be able to maintain positive relationships with others and will be a successful leader. To get followers that trust, look up to, and continue to follow is a successful leader. Leadership is a practice that can learned, and not necessarily an inborn skill. It can be developed through self-awareness and self-discovery. I know with myself, when I became a nurse I had to learn to be more assertive and confident, and never thought of my self as a charge nurse. But, with confidence, experience, and encouragement of others, I have worked my way up to being charge nurse from time to

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