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TRAVEL TO BHUTAN Since! you've realized that you just deserve the real vacation, the discovery you've wished to accomplish. Fancy visiting one of the last true and intact places on the planet. Bhutan is an uncommon destination on the planet. Every little thing about Bhutan is, in contrast, to any place in the world. You will feel like stepping right into an enchanting vortex frozen in time. During your trip to Bhutan; you will encompass a reinforced perspective on life. Bhutan is often known as the last “Shangri-La”, a small mountainous utopia on the eastern extreme of the magnificent Himalayan Mountain. It is a small country dwelled between China (north) and India (south) in South Asia. It is also be called as “The Land of the Thunder Dragon”…show more content…
In the south, a warm, moist atmosphere holds up an even temperature range of between 15° C and 30° C year round, seldom the temperature achieves 40° C within the valleys in the mid-year. We encourage you to best book your tour package no less than two months ahead to guarantee your reservation. HOW TO TRAVEL TO BHUTAN The adventure begins when your flight begins descending through the towering Himalayan Mountains in Paro International Airport. Tarry long enough to take in some of the unusual arrivals. Quickly you will feel that incredible feeling like a cocktail of pleasure rushing at the airport, the staff will give that insiders' smile that silently says ‘you have not seen anything yet'. This is one of the best ways to journey to Bhutan. You can also travel by road from three different entrance locations in southern Bhutan (Phuntsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkar) if you are traveling via India. The Phuentsholing city in the south-west of Bhutan is located approximately 170 km east of the Indian national airport at Bagdogra. Gelephu in south-central Bhutan is another entry location to Bhutan. The district of Samdrup Jongkhar in south-east Bhutan borders with Indian district of Darranga, it is roughly 150 km away from Guwahati, the capital metropolis of

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