Tivago Hotel Relations Case Study

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Trivago Department Contact Number
Hotel Relations 0203 451 5239
Trivago Hotel Relations 0203 451 5239

Trivago hotel relations number is 0203 451 5239. Hoteliers in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and the Northern Ireland can get in touch with the hotel relations team on this number. Trivago GmbH is German multinational technology corporation. Moreover, it offers online metasearch services to find hotels or lodging. Today it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Expedia. Therefore, customers seeking holiday destinations can visit Trivago website in to cities across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Likewise, another option to get in touch with the UK hotel relations team is writing an email. The team is available at hotelmanager@trivago.co.uk. …show more content…

Additionally, existing registered hoteliers can avail additional services by logging in Trivago website. Visit sign in page to proceed.

Similarly, new hoteliers can register on Trivago and submit the information about their hotel by visiting the register now for free page.
What Are Other Options To Contact Trivago Customer Service?

Customers requiring assistance from Trivago customer service have many options to get in touch with the support team. Trivago offers online contact form for sending feedback or other general queries. This form is available on the feedback page on Trivago UK website. However, you must ensure to provide following information in the form for faster response and resolution.

Your name Contact information like email address Hotel and booking reference Description of query

This online contact form is suitable for seeking assistance from Trivago for general queries. However, hoteliers need to use a separate contact form available for them. In fact, communication sent using the aforementioned link to this page for hotelier's contact form reaches the hotel relations …show more content…

Trivago GmbH has registered office in Düsseldorf. Whereas, the address is

trivago GmbH
40474 Düsseldorf

Additionally, customers requiring information from the registered office in Düsseldorf can send email at info@trivago.co.uk. However, remember that messages sent to this email address directly reache the Düsseldorf office. Therefore, contact UK registered office for any need for support regarding Trivago's services related to the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and the Northern Ireland.
How To Advertise On Trivago?

Trivago is a metasearch provider in hotels and lodging niche. Therefore, hoteliers and other individuals interested in advertising on Trivago website need to send their enquiry to advertiser@trivago.com.

Alternately, find more information about available business opportunities by visiting the business page on Trivago website.
What Are The Options To Contact Trivago For Press And Media Information?

Trivago UK offers press and media information to press reporters and other media enthusiasts. Visit the press page on Trivago website for the latest updates. In fact, these updates are available on this page as and when they are

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