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UNDER ARMOUR Slide 1: Hi my name is Letycia Germain and I’m here to tell you about UnderArmour and where it all started. Under Armour is company that specializes athletic clothing and equipment. They also sponsor many professional athletes to promote their brand, such as Tom Brady, Stephen Curry and Dwayne Johnson. Slide 2: Kevin Plank was the founder of the now billion-dollar industry in 1995. This 23-year old football player played for the University of Maryland throughout his college career. Plank was also the special teams captain and played as a fullback. He had a simple idea that initially began from his grandmother’s basement in Washington, D.C. Slide 3:During practice, Plank got sick and tired of having to change out of sweaty …show more content…

After spending 2 years of selling products out of the trunk of his car and making sales all along the east coast, in 1998 the company outgrew his grandmother’s basement and moved to a warehouse located in Baltimore. Slide 6:The Under Armour brand was first noticed by the public when Oakland Raiders quarterback Jeff George was seen wearing an Under Armour turtleneck on the cover of USA Today back in 1996. Shortly after, Plank made a sale with Georgia Tech selling 10 t-shirts. That sale opened the doors to an even bigger opportunity where he signed contracts with Arizona State, North Carolina State and a few other D1 teams. Slide 7: As Kevin Plank’s company quickly grew more people wanted his products. Warner Brothers reached out and contracted Under Armour to be featured in Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday and The Replacements. The first Under Armour commercial was launched in 2003 where the brand coined the famous slogan “PROTECT THIS HOUSE”. Slide 8: The brand was built on highly reputable values. The core of Under Armour lives by the 4 pillars of greatness, make a great product, tell a great story, provide great service, and build a great team. With Kevin Plank coming from an athletic background where the focus is improvement, he made sure to emphasize the importance of growth and betterment with the products of the

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