Should Cell Phones Be Restricted In School

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Walk into any school in 2018, and you will see many students texting, gaming, browsing the internet on their mobile devices. Cell phones have become a new social norm, in fact, 97% of the population in the US owns a cell phone. Many teachers, educators, and principals allow cell phones in the classroom or school because of this reason. However, cell phones should and must be restricted in schools, because, they are a distraction to the students, it is destructive to the health of the students, and cell phones are often used for cyberbullying and have a negative social impact. Cell phones are a distraction to students, they are used to play games such as Rules of Survival. The Rules of Survival is a highly addictive multiplayer first-person shooter game, thus often multiple students are distracted in class playing together*. In addition to gaming, cell phones are used to access social media such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Students addicted to social media often …show more content…

Cell phones are a distraction to students because they are often used for gaming, social media and other non educational purposes. Prolong use of cell phone is harmful to the health of the students, both physical and psychological. Cellphones are also often used for cyberbullying, with a touch of a button a offending text of a inappropriate picture can be sent or posted, liked and shared, for the whole school and even the world to see. Now that you understand why cell phones must be restricted in school, it is time to take action. Sometimes strong action is necessary, Jeff Bezo, the founder of amazon once said "If you never want to be criticized, for goodness ' sake don 't do anything new." If teachers and principals will work together to take action, a safe, healthy, and efficient learning environment will be

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