Vertical Thinking And Critical Thinking

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Isidore E. Sharpe Professor Tracy Moore ENG 103: Orientation to the College Experience 8 February 2018 Critical Thinking Success with Language (1) Why is critical thinking important? Critical thinking is about thinking with superiority, and excellence, which is being determined to avoid making mistakes in the words you speak, along with, your reasoning. It is important that you evaluate the way you process the quality of your ideas and also your conclusions. Critical thinking is important to the point of evaluating, checking and asking questions as it relate to the reliability of the information. (2) Define Lateral and vertical thinking? Lateral thinking allows you to broaden your ideas and create a wide range of new possibilities. A good lateral thinker is inquisitive about abundant of subjects and is always searching for new information, perspectives and viewpoints (Reynolds, 175). Vertical thinking is about the use of judgment. Good vertical thinkers sort, classify, and evaluate their ideas and information. Most critical thinkers will continually implement both lateral and vertical thinking. Lateral thinking gathers your ideas first, and then vertical thinking follows up with evaluate of your ideas. (3) How important are Language skills? Language skills is vital for your success in life and aids you in building self-esteem. It provides you with skills to enhance your relationships and to assist you in resolving disagreements quickly. Language skills helps you to
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