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Introduction This assignment will focus on a person brand identity in relation to Victoria Beckham. Firstly, we will define the term ‘brand identity’ and give an introduction to Victoria Beckham. This will be followed by a brief analysis of Victoria Beckham with reference to Aaker’s Brand Identity System; discussing her core and extended identity and her core value proposition and brand promise. To conclude, we will present a brand identity system or blueprint on Victoria, based on Aaker’s Brand Identity System. The idea behind conducting this study is to capture the essence of her personality and the main features that led her to stardom. She is a multifaceted individual and despite having cynics and critics, her extensive fan-base and support…show more content…
The items are designed by Victoria herself. The past 10 years have seen her rise to supreme stardom where she has become known globally as an international fashion designer and icon. In 2011, the Victoria Beckham label was named designer brand of the year in the UK and the following year she was considered the star performer in the Beckham family’s business interests (Company Snapshot, 2008). Aaker’s Brand Identity Model Aaker’s Brand Identity System Model provides a tool to develop, understand and use the construct of brand identity (Aaker’s Brand Identity Planning Tool, 2007). This model includes two other components in addition to brand identity, the strategic brand analysis and the brand identity implementation system (Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2009, p.40). This model ensures the brand’s identity has depth and texture. (Aaker’s Brand Identity Planning Tool, 2007) Strategic Brand Analysis This layer of the model enables the brand to understand its customers, the competitors and the brand itself. The customer analysis researches what lies under customer behaviour (Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2009, p.41). The factors behind customer’s behavior are to buy into Victoria Beckham’s lifestyle. They perceive her as the epitome of well-being,…show more content…
She is able to hold a professional conversation on the topic of designer names, fabric specifications and techniques as well as the manufacturing process in detail. However, this was not without criticism and having to prove herself. Despite her world renowned status as the wife of famous sport’s star, David Beckham, and former pop diva as a Spice Girl where she made her mark as a celebrity, she refused accept a mere celebrity license and endorsement for her fashion range and passion for the business. Hence, she sought to be honored and acknowledged for her talent and ability as a designer. This reveals her ‘head-down’ approach to her work and a tenacious work ethic. The results of her diligence have been made manifest with her growing fashion company – her office in London (Hill, Lee & Vicent, 2009) Beckham’s knack for adapting herself to an ever-changing fashion environment

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