Walgreens Culture Case Study

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As our focus shifts from being on the best corners of Main & Main, to being America’s most loved health and beauty destination, we must ensure our leadership internalize and practice our cultural beliefs as well as share the cultural beliefs with team members. Our cultural beliefs should guide our daily actions as they are incorporated in all aspects of team member engagement and store operations. Cultural beliefs determine the way in which we conduct meetings, generate and execute ideas, and solve problems. Moreover, talking about the cultural beliefs in a consistent way will help us gain momentum in driving our cultural beliefs and re-energize the Walgreens culture. My recommendation is that we engage our leaders to use two simple tools …show more content…

In fact, a strong culture is critical to the success of a company. Culture creates a cornerstone for employees’ beliefs and principles, gives meaning to what employees do and how they do it, and inspires employees to align themselves with the company vision and strategy. Ultimately, culture determines the experience we deliver to our customers. (Clampitt 2013) Driving Walgreens Culture Corporate Culture is a set of beliefs and values shared by all members of a company that guides the way employees think and act in order to achieve results. As we transform to achieve our vision, our culture must keep pace with our business needs and should reflect what our customers want and expect from us. However, an identifiable gap exists between the stated culture of a company, where companies want to be and the actual culture, the behaviors employees actually display. We must rely on our leaders to help bridge that gap and drive the desired cultural shift by employing the techniques that help drive organizational culture such storeytellting and focused recognition. (Clampitt

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