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Teachers, parents, my peers, I welcome you, this fine morning. In addition, I want to congratulate all of my peers because today we graduate and move on to high school. Additionally I want to say that It’s an honor for me to deliver this speech for all of you, on a day that we will all remember, especially me. Not to mention, that today is a joyful day, and just like Joseph B. Wirthlin said ¨ Some memories are unforgetable, remaining ever vivid, and heartwarming¨ and if you did not realize it yet, this memory is under that category.
Western Experience
I want to confess, that my experience at Western has exceeded my expectations. Therefore graduating today makes me reflect back on these 3 years, and how my experience here at Western has changed me personally, because before I got to Western I did not care much for school and only saw it as a type of punishment, as most of us do. But as I got to 8th grade I saw what I did not see before, and I saw an opportunity, an opportunity to make my life better, and opportunity to succeed in life, so when I realized of …show more content…

Wirthlin he said ¨ Some memories are unforgetable, remaining ever vivid, and heartwarming¨. Now I want you to remember this quote because this is what this is, this will be a memory you will never forget, I mean come on how is anybody going to forget our wonderful teachers, like Ms.Ford, Mr.Jones, Ms.Stabile or Mr.Crawford to name a few. As well as many others who have helped us learn so much, and at the same time we have also given them a gift as they have given us which is we made them laugh, with are failures, which were funny because we failed. So I just want to say personally that I will never forget my time at Western because it is now a part of who I am, and I hope you none of you will forgot

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