What Are The Arguments Against Distracted Driving

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While distracted driving is a big issue in the United States, I firmly believe that the use of smartphones is one of, if not, the largest distractions Americans face today while driving. It seems that for some reason people can not wait until they are done driving, to wherever it is they are headed, to check their phone. Yes, I understand that in some situations people will have an emergency where they have to look at their phone, but in a vast majority of instances this is not the case. There are a few things that could be implemented that could persuade people to resist the urge to check their phones while driving such as banning the use of cellular devices in vehicles all together, fixing vehicles so that they cannot emit WiFi anymore, also implementing a device in vehicles that could make the inside of a vehicle a dead zone. First of all banning the use of cell phones in vehicles could be a very tricky stunt to pull off. You would need to find a way to gather many supporters for this ban. But if you somehow managed to pull together a reasonable amount of …show more content…

Now this would not persuade nor prevent every person to stay off of their phone, but it is a start. For example, this could prevent the use of kids that have handheld games from showing their parent who may be driving at the moment. It would also eliminate those individuals who do not have data plans from checking their Twitter or Facebook while driving. This would not cause as many problems with the automotive industry as you may think. “How?” you may ask. Well it is actually pretty simple, this would just prevent the further production of vehicles that can produce WiFi. The vehicles that have already been produced and that have been sold would simply be grandfather claused

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