What Are The Pros And Cons Of Cheating

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Technology can be useful for many things like making information more accessible or communication. However, there are many disadvantages to technology. The article “Facebook Makes Us Sadder And Less Satisfied, Study Finds”, written by Elise Hu, is about how social media has a way of putting people down and upsetting them. In the article “No, Kids CAN’T study while they’re texting: Research finds teenagers struggle with multitasking”, written by Jenny Awford, talks about how teens have difficulty multitasking when technology is present. The article “Colleges grapple with cheating in the digital age”, by Carla Rivera, is about how college students use technology to cheat on their assignments. Technology like social media and texting is a negative influence on teens because it can make them feel sad, cause distractions, and that with the use of technology students can cheat. Some…show more content…
The article “Colleges grapple with cheating in the digital age” written by Carla Rivera, the author claims “With the ease of technology and widespread sharing that is now part of the collaborative culture, students need to recognize and be reminded that it is dishonest to appropriate the work of others”. This signifies that because of the use of technology it has become easier to cheat and that now days technology has become a key factor in the act of cheating. But students also have to understand that it is incorrect to take credit of work that is not theirs. Rivera also writes “68 percent of undergraduates and 43 percent of graduates students admit cheating on tests or written assignments”. This research proves that there are many students who have cheated on their school work. These are only the students who admitted to it, however there may be more who have not admitted to cheating. This proves that technology helps students cheat instead of helping them
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