What Is Alpena Friendly

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When I look at Alpena Michigan I already see a warm and friendly community. People are nice to each other and helpful. The stores in Alpena are always giving to our community. They also are helping the community also. They constantly give to us and help us. The community is giving to the city to help it grow and be a friendlier place. There is never a dull moment in Alpena. There are people, stores, and the community who are always willing to help.What makes Alpena so warm and friendly though? The main reason why is the people in the community. They always help and give to others. They are constantly being friendly to others, they always say hi to you when you walk by. The people are the main reason why Alpena is so friendly. They are always willing to give you a helping hand. People are always volunteering to go help at nursing homes, Salvation …show more content…

They are always giving back to the community. Just this Christmas Miejers had a thing where kids could apply to get a gift card to buy gifts for their family. There were only twenty $100 gift cards, but forty kids showed up. So they said which twenty kids are they going to give the cards to but Miejers said were going to give all forty kids gift cards. See stores are always doing things like that. They also are doing discounts like that too. They help our community so much and in very helpful ways. They also do at lot of fundraisers to help needy kids too. The final thing that makes Alpena so warm and friendly is the community its self. This year cause there was no snow the community used the money they normally use to plow roads to clean up the streets. They also host annual festivals where they can raise a prophet to give back to the community in helpful ways. They are just so nice to the people here, they give a lot of discounts like at the plaza pool on Sundays you can swim for a dollar and at the ice rink you can skate on Thursdays for

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