What Is Micro Environmental Factors Of Nike

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Micro environmental factors Customer Analysis Nike is the market leader of sports footwear and apparel industry. Nike ‘s high-performance athletic gear is mostly targeted at professional athletes in categories such as soccer, basketball, running and etc. Nowadays, teenagers and young adults who participate in fitness activities are also targeted largely in sales strategies. Competitors Analysis The popularity of various sport activities and changing design trends affect the demand for products. Nike compete internationally with athletic and leisure footwear companies, sports equipment companies such as adidas, Puma, Li Ning, Under Armour for the direct competitors. There are also indirect competitors such as Bata, VNC, etc. that sell high-heeled footwear and lady shoes. The company always observes the competitors’ product offerings, technologies, marketing techniques, pricing, costs and customer service. If the company do not care about the competitors, the customers demand for the products may decline significantly. Porter’s five force theory 1. rivalry among existing competiors Among them, The closet competitor is Adidas Group. The sales of Nike and Adidas Group are around $ 13 billion and $ 9 billion in 2012. Both companies run in the long way for market share and compete aggressively for sponsorship of major sporting events such as the Olympics. Continuing sponsorship in the Olympics will help Nike achieve rapid sales growth in the future. Citation: (Soni, 2014)

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