What Might Disrupt Attachment In Children

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Other concerns around lack of ability or interest in school work which can affect how the child develops into a student willing to engage in learning. As development moves into adolescence and these young people have not gotten the basic skills to cope with emotions, social skills, self-regulation their skills to cope as adults in the world due to development issues become evident and this is important. At this age adolescence are trying to find the world around them and how it works, with little skills it is hard to support the development to create a positive outcome for life. http://studentsfirstproject.org/wp-content/uploads/attachment-booklet-for-parents-guardians-and-child-serving-professionals.pdf Outline what might disrupt attachment in children, using relevant literature in support. - 600 Attachment for children can be affected by many things, relating to the disruption or attachment for children fall into a few categories. These impacts are grief and loss, abuse and neglect, issues relating to the health of the parents, be mental or physical health related and babies and parents that just do not quite fit together. Grief and loss, may disrupt the attachment with parent …show more content…

The study by Child Abuse and Neglect and the Brain—A Review Authors Danya Glaser First published: January 2000Full publication history DOI: 10.1111/1469-7610.00551, that the shows that injury can cause some terrible affects to the brain which in turn affects the attachment with the child and parent. Whole this damage of the brain can affect the physical ability to have secure attachment, issues relating to the cognitive ad emotions; behaviour of the child also comes into play. A child who has is unaware of the response from the carer giver will have unsecure attempt (reference text

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