When Babies Start Teething Essay

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When Do Babies Start Teething?
If there 's one milestone most parents wish they could postpone, or at skip altogether, it 's teething. Of course your child will look adorable when smiling and showing off those two tiny bottom teeth, but the process of getting them is sometimes a struggle for you, and your baby. Fortunately, all the suffering isn 't for nothing. So when do babies start teething? Teething, like walking, talking, and crawling, is an important milestone that shows your child is on the right track developmentally.
When do Babies Start Teething?
The primary tooth development in babies begins in the womb. After about five weeks’ gestation, the first primary teeth buds appear in the baby’s jaws. At birth, a baby has a full set of …show more content…

9. Ear pulling and/or Cheek Rubbing: Baby’s who are teething may rub their cheek and chin or tug furiously at their ear. This is because the gums, cheeks, and ears share nerve pathways. Therefore, pain in the gums can travel elsewhere. Special note: Babies with an ear infection may also tug on their ears, consult with your pediatrician if you suspect your baby may have an ear infection.
How Can You Help Your Baby?
When this happens, here are some treatments that can help soothe your child through the teething process:
• Cool Teething Rings
Teething rings give your baby something safe and non-toxic to chew on. Chewing will help your baby to relieve the pressure and pain on the gums. Some are water filled and made to be cooled in the refrigerator, and others are made of firm rubber with or without bumps. However, don 't freeze these teething rings, because they will become hard and can harm your baby 's gums, and remember to clean teething rings, after each use.

• Chewing
Teething rings are not the only things your baby can chew, and if they have started on solid foods, hard chewy frozen foods may help, such as bananas and bagels. However, these types of foods should only be given to babies older than 8 months, and remember to give your baby pieces of foods that are small enough for them to swallow. Keep your baby sitting up, and closely supervised

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