Why Did Nixon Lost The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam war was a troubling war that lasted from 1955 to 1975. It was located in Vietnam and was fought by the U.S., as well as North and South Vietnam. There was bloodshed from both sides and many innocent lives lost. The Vietnam war was not only a troubling time in Vietnam, but also for the United States.
Richard Nixon was the United States president at the time of the war and was the one that pushed America into joining the war, but realized he only cared about winning. For example, “What the hell is Vietnam worth to me? [...] what is it worth to this country” (Appy 4)? Nixon began to realize that this war meant nothing to him or the country. But at this point, Nixon became too scared to lose the war so instead he keeps fighting with …show more content…

Vietnamization goal was “to gradually transfer responsibility for the fighting to the south vietnamese, betting that - aided by a handful of American advisers on the ground and he might of U.S. airpower - their troops could stand against the veteran battalions of north vietnam” (Fleming 1). We sent in all of our troops to somehow aid that country so that one day they could aid themselves. With no hope left for this war “U.S. President Richard M. Nixon gambled his presidency on a program called ‘vietnamization’”( Fleming 1). Richard Nixon believed so highly in this plan of vietnamization that he was willing to give up his presidency for it. Hopefully for Nixon, “An Loc was the first chance to test it in a major battle. To the surprise of both sides, Vietnamization worked” (Fleming 1). Everyone was surprised when the south vietnamese army started to fight back without the help of the United states. The republic of South Vietnamese began to fight the North and won without america’s help. Vietnamization was the only plan and hope for this war, thankfully some of the plan …show more content…

policy” (Appy 5). Regardless of how the media felt Nixon continued to bomb North Vietnam. He did what he thought was right and did not listen to the citizen or advisors at all. Nixon’s advisor said, “only concern was that some citizens might ask why we were bombing north vietnam when it was the viet cong who initiated the attack on U.S. forces” (Appy 4). George Ball and president Nixon did not want any suspicions on why they were bombing North Vietnam. So they lied and told the public what they wanted to hear. “Therefor, the public announcement should clearly state that north vietnam was responsible for the attack at Pleiku” (Appy 4). Nixon and Ball lied to the public so they would not ask questions why Nixon was bombing North Vietnam. So they lied to the media so everyone would think we were there for the right reasons. Nixon keeping America in the dark made it even more suspicious and more concerning on why we were

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