Why Did The North Win The American Civil War Essay

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"Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally" (Abraham Lincoln). The American Civil War was a war between the Northern (Union) and Southern (Confederates) parts of the United States. The war was a fight for slavery, the South pro-slavery, and the North against slavery. Most people know that the Union had succeeded in their battle with the Confederates which explains why slavery has ceased to exist in the United States, but do they know how and why the Union had triumphed over the Confederates? Even though the Confederates had a much greater area of land making it hard to invade, the north won the civil war because of the sheer number of resources, weapons, and men that they had.
Part of the reason that the Union won the American Civil War was their advantage in resources such as weapons, railroads, and other supplies that are essential to winning a war. The Northern United States held more than 70% of the nation's rail lines, making for easier transport. Easier transport during war usually translates to success when such an advantage like this is present. Furthermore, the Union had an excellent navy and a large …show more content…

Lee). Robert E. Lee, the Commander of the Confederate States Army surrendered to the Union in 1865. Even though many people believe the Confederacy had better leaders, the South lost the war because of a lack of resources, weapons, and men. The South had very little factories to produce weapons, railroads, and other supplies causing the Confederates to have a very small amount of these resources. The ratio of guns between the south and the north was 1 to 32, 1 being the south. Weapons are a necessary part of war, and with such a huge difference between you and your opponent, it is very unlikely you will succeed. The South lost the Civil War because of a lack of resources due to the insignificant number of

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