Why Do College Athletes Get Paid?

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Just imagine being a student athlete. For many college athletes a pursuit in athletics will provide for their family, if needed, and gives them many other luxuries. Being an athlete is hard enough,imagine being a student athlete it is literally a full time job. By paying college athletes they will receive a reward for being excellent students and athletes. To accomplish this goal colleges will have agreed to certain terms and conditions. It is imperative that college athletes are paid. Just imagine going to work everyday and not getting paid. By providing college athletes with an income they will not have to struggle to get things that they want and need. This could lead to many other problems that could get a student kicked out of college permanently. In addition, college athletes will not have to struggle to get everyday necessities.Furthermore, college athletes bills would be paid. Finally, student athletes would be more …show more content…

For example, Chris Starks was a promising college athlete that played for Appalachian State University. Starks was a track star and football player. During his freshman year his football career was ended by a knee injury. After this occurred Starks had to transfer to Savannah. Starks had to transfer because his family could not pay the for the cost of the medical bills and the college payments. On September 5, 2015 Chris Starks was shot down by a classmate. If college athletes were paid Starks would not have had to move to Savannah State and he would have still been alive. Nevertheless, many other authors believe that college athletes should not be paid. For example, Andrew Zimbalist believes that the cost for paying college athletes would be way to high for the universities across America. While this is true Colleges and Universities could start different funding programs to help students get paid. Colleges could also raise the GPA requirements needed to get a

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