Pros And Cons Of Nfl Players

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Did you know that 80 percent of NFL players will go broke or file for bankruptcy within their first 2 years of retiring. Often players will forget that they have personal lives and futures to think about. The only thing is though that NFL players live in the moment and not the future. The NFL players are part to blame for the reasoning of going broke but at the same time so is the NFL they know that most of the athletes come from poor backgrounds and neighbourhoods. It's hard when the player makes it to the pros and for them not to help out their friends and family. Even players putting their money into bad investments and it coming back to haunt them .NFL players are more likely to go broke then any other sport because the lack of knowledge …show more content…

While saying that an NFL player is more prone to injuries those injuries could force a player to retire and lose the money that they could have earned in the future. The average NFL career is 3.3 years and over that time the average career earnings for a regular NFL player is 2 million. Looking at that you can see that over those 3.3 years that it would be pretty easy to spend around 2 million. With extravagant lifestyle that NFL players live. With players getting injured and with most of them being head injuries. “As many as 40% of retired NFL players may have brain injuries, which may impair the ability to perform most jobs.” it's not only head injuries that affect these NFL players that were forced to retire due to their injury “Chronic bone or muscle problems can prevent retired NFL players from seeking jobs requiring the strength they once possessed.” a life after the NFL for players that were forced out not by choice is not easy by any means even the players that are still able to work a lot of their egos can't take the knowledge of them working a regular job, which then leads to psychological problems. With all the injuries that these football players endure later on in life they may need a surgery or some sort of medical treatment and for what was once affordable is no longer for them. When it's a surgery that they need they have to get it and they are stuck with no help or …show more content…

Gambling is a problem for people that are missing the thrill in their lives. Former NFL players miss the thrill of playing football so they turn to unhealthy alternative. A gambling addiction is a quick way to blow money.”NFL players feel like they have money to burn, and so they gamble with larger and larger amounts. This may be due to peer pressure or it may be due to an addiction.” another big money taker from these players is divorce and paying child support. There a numerous cases of players getting divorced or having a child. With divorce she gets half of your money for the most part. As well as child support there are cases where players have 9 children with 5 or 6 different women and have to pay child support to each and everyone of those women. Also players when they first come into money they feel the need to start being generous and there is a difference between generous and over generous. In this case “former Detroit Lion Luther Elliss was frequently involved in charity events and invested heavily in local businesses. For his relatives, Elliss paid for things like landscaping and a wedding.” as this was out of the kindness of his heart it also ended up coming to backfire on him. But also he is one of the very few that began to start changing his life around he went back to school and also is helping coach a high school football team. As its nice to hand out and help family and friends it's

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