Why I Chose My Major Essay

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Why I Chose My Major
I chose Criminal Justice for my major because it’s appealing to me. As a child I looked up to police, and I was never scared to go up to them and just start asking questions and everyone I asked was always willing to talk back and knowing they did not even had to pay any mind to me at all being that I was so little to even know how the system worked but they did their best to explain it to me. One Police officer in particular I really looked up to Mr. Brad Garafola. He was a close family friend him and my dad grew up together. He was our neighborhood cop; he stopped by, while on patrol, at house to visit at least once a week to check up on us. I always asked him to turn his sirens on and he gladly did every time. As I had gotten a bit older I started hanging out with kids I probably should not have but I never changed I knew what was right and wrong and my parents would make us play in the front yard so they could keep an eye
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Game Wardens also have all the rights police have on the highway and then some in the woods. But then one day I turned on the television to see that there was an ambush on police and three officers were shot in my home town. This news just devastated me and made me angry I turned the channel to try and erase the thought. A little while later my mom came in sat down with my dad with a look of shock on their face. They asked if I remember Mr. Brad. And proceeded to tell me he was shot and killed at the scene. My heart dropped and at that very moment I told them I will become a police officer. I felt that it was my duty to go out and help stop this madness and this war on police even if it takes risking my life. I want to be that

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