Explain Why I Chose Criminal Justice Essay

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Why do I want to be in the Criminal Justice Program? I want to be in this program because I personally think it is a great experience. That it is something that you get a lot out of. Now I will be honest I did not really know what to write in this essay but the more I thought about it, I thought about my dreams. Who I wanted to become and what I wanted to do with my life. Many people go through rough patches in there life, and maybe some people do not but I did. In 8th grade I moved to Kenowa Hills Middle School where I wanted a fresh start. Meet new people and teachers. It honestly went great and i thought my life was going in the right direction. I started to hang out with the wrong people, but at the time I did not know that or see that in my own eyes. …show more content…

Overall my first year starting over went pretty well. In the beginning of 9th grade year things started to change for me. I started to experience panic attacks and anxiety. I started to feel like I didn't know what i was doing with my life and i sorta gave up. I ended up being diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression and was put on medication, which put doubt on myself. Wondering why would I want to figure out something to do with my life when I am not even happy. So which ended up happening was my grades were bad, I wasnt trying the hardest I could and I thought I could slide right through my freshman year. Well I was wrong. I was not making the best choice with my friends at this time either. I went all year with slacking in school and just hanging out like everything was fine. It came to the summer and I was still not making the best choice. I did end up leaving Grand Rapids for one month working in corn fields and detasseling corn while living with my grandparents in Sturgis

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