Why Is Homework Harmful

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Do you ever think if doing homework each night is actually important or do you think that 7 hours of school is enough already . Is homework helpful or harmful ? Many students around the world are talking about how homework is a big waste of time and that homework given each night is too much to deal w . On the other hand , students think that homework is a good thing because you can learn much more and it can help you improve in reading and speaking . In my opinion , I think that homework is helpful yet it can be harmful . There are many opinion’s weather homework is good or bad for you but homework is really easy if you pay attention and you actually do try to do your homework . Homework can be a real struggle if you stress too much over an assignment it can make you start cheating and copying . That is my personal opinion about how homework is helpful , but it can be harmful . One of the reasons homework is a good thing , is that homework is a very good thing for every student because it makes them experience new things . Evidence to support that …show more content…

A couple of pieces of evidence that supports this reason is that other people think that homework is bad for you because it's really boring and you're too lazy to do it , sometimes homework can be hard because of writing essays that you have to do when you have to write a lot of paragraphs in one night . Homework is a big waste of time and you can be doing better things than homework . Those were examples of why homework is bad and now homework is a good thing because you can get smarter and you can know / learn things fast lastly homework can be the easiest thing if you work on your homework at school when you have time and at home finish the rest . Those where evidence of the topic but from other people that are thinking differently about homework being good or bad for you

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