Essay On School Suspensions Are A Waste Of Time

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School Suspensions Are a Waste of Time

Would you take school suspensions away if it would benedict the school? Many school have always used school suspensions as their way of chastisement, simply because it is the easiest way. School suspensions became popular around the 1960s and 70s because many more fights were occurring due to desegregation. Although school suspensions are widely used throughout most schools, it is time we found a more effective way of discipline. School suspensions are not working because students may not understand what they did wrong, suspensions feel more like time off than a punishment, and students are more likely to act out again after being suspended.

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Most kids have parents that will punish them severely if they get in trouble, let alone suspended at school, but what about the kids that don’t? You never know what is going on in a child’s life at home. Sometimes students may act out because they don’t get enough attention at home, or other similar reasons. For example, say two students got into a fist fight at school. Most schools would suspend both students right away. What if one student in the fight had a good home life, his parents punished him, and he never got suspended again, but maybe the other student’s parents did not care, he would just simply get some time off of school, and continue to act out. If all students were talked to about what they did wrong and punished inside of school, there may be a chance to drop the percentage of kids that get in trouble. Yes, it may not be the school’s responsibility to punish the kid, but if they do not and neither do the parents, then who will?
Giving out school suspensions may give the student that needs to be punished the most, time off from school, which is what they would prefer. It is time schools take more part in consequences with

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