Benefits Of High School Start Later Essay

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High school start a time that us unwise for teens being awake. Most high schools start at an average of 7:59 in the morning. Students under these circumstances have to be at their bus stop by 6:30-7:00. Then students school day technically starts at 6:30 in the morning. The previous time that students have to get up to get ready for school.
“If you think it 's too hard to return schools to healthier house, here’s a sampling of schools in 45 stated that have done it already or are doing it in the next school year. While some of these schedules aren’t ideal, they all give students a chance for healthy sleep than the typical American middle school and high school. Hundreds of school communities across the USA-and beyond- have found ways to make this happen by prioritizing health and learning.”
While starting school early gives students more time for after school activities, schools should start later because attendance goes up, depression goes down, and there are …show more content…

By making high schools start later you will be affecting students who are in sports or other after school activities. Because with a later start time means that these students have a later end time. Having a later get out of school will change how many hours students who are athletes can practice. Also, there are times that these students need to leave school early to get to their games. These students will have to leave earlier so that they can get to their games with a school that might have an earlier get out of school time. The article “Eight Major Obstacles to Delaying School Start Times” states that “if school gets out later, some athletes might be required to leave class early in order to attend a match. In this case, students may have to choose between a game and a test, a chose no student should have to make.” Another article Should Schools Start Later In The Morning” states

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