Why Was The Populist Party Successful

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Populism Party The Populist’s were a group of farmers, middle class activist’s, and laborers who were trying to set things straight in America for their and other people’s benefits. The Populist Party succeeded in what they were trying to accomplish. They were pushing real hard for the things that they wanted. The things they wanted to accomplish were no less than fair. The Populist Party was successful even after fading away. The Populist’s were a success in a way that helped the farmers and the other people that supported them. Stretching for eight hour work days, a graduated income tax, free coinage and much more, that is not why they were successful, they were successful for what they accomplished after they faded away. One of the first things why they were successful is that they were the first one’s in giving away farm grants. These were crucial for farmers staying on their lands. Another reason why they were successful was that they were giving away to the first encoded rights for workers. This was also a good thing, not just for them, but for everyone else. …show more content…

One of the things they accomplished was that they were trying to achieve is that they called for election of U.S. senators by popular vote which actually came to be the Seventeenth Amendment. This accomplishment was a big one in the history of the U.S., they paved a way to the Seventeenth Amendment. Another way the Populist Party was a success was that they demanded the universal use of the secret ballot, meaning that it prevented workers from forcing employees to vote a certain way. This was a good accomplishment since people in the U.S. use it all of the time when elections come

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