World Hunger Outline

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I. Around eight hundred and seventy million people in the world do not have enough food and water. What even worst is population growth is getting out of control in many areas such as India and Africa. A. Many children are being born but are not having enough food to feed them B. Almost fifty million people in the united states, including sixteen million children live in homes that cannot afford food to eat. C. many countries around the world that are poor suffer the most of Hunger and disease, usually close in amalgamation and often caused by natural disasters or war. II. World hunger is a problem that must be addressed as seen through illness. A. Too many people are dying because of illness because of not getting enough food. 1. There…show more content…
World hunger is a problem that must be addressed as seen through poverty. A. To many people suffer from hunger because of poverty. 1. People become familiar with poverty through media. 2. Media does not always tell the truth, media tends to focus on the dramatic result of poverty. B. People in poverty are cared for less. 1. Many people have less food and famine products but there are many charities for issues like this. 2. People that live-in poverty use unsanitary water to drink and clean food, which causes germs. V. World hunger is a problem that must be addressed as seen through illness, malnutrition, and poverty. A. People need food for them and their loved ones to stay healthy and energized because without healthy food they cannot grow up smart, strong, and provide for their loved ones. 1. Without the right nutrients, the body doesn’t function right which causes illness and diseases. 2. People who live in poverty are malnutrition because of that are a lot more capable of dying faster. B. Their future can change with the help of others. 1. There are many Charites out their willing to help those in need. For example,, 2. That percent of those in starvation can be

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