Amateur wrestling Essays

  • Jeff Voss Hero

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    career as a wrestling coach at West Delaware which makes him a hero. His commitment to being a wrestling coach has developed a massive amount of talent to develop the knowledge of high school wrestlers. As a Coach, Voss has proven to show how he takes responsibility for his wrestlers on and off the mat all year round. His devotion to coaching has truly made him a hero. Growing up as a little boy in Coralville, Iowa, Jeff Voss had no idea what he would be capable of doing for his wrestling career. Jeff

  • Personal Narrative: My Wrestling Mats

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    ring my senior year of high school, I had a wrestling rival during my senior wrestling season by the name of Frankie Negrini. My rival was from a rival town called Pompton Lakes that my team would always have intense matches against. This kid had always beat me by maybe one point or even two points. The kid always was one step ahead of me every time we stepped on the wrestling mat. The many times I had loss to him it just made my confidence just go down the drain a lot of the time. My first time

  • Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Wrestling

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    people hate to talk about their failures, and try to avoid it at all cost. Having participated in the interscholastic sport of wrestling, I have been given many opportunities to succeed or fail. I generally succeed most of the time. But I have failed, and failed at important times. What I do with these failures is more important than the wins. The way Ohio amateur wrestling works is there are two qualifying competitions to enter the State Tournament. You enter Sectionals, where top four placers go

  • Personal Narrative: My First Wrestling Match

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    My First Wrestling Match There were about two weeks before my first wrestling match. After a tough practice, I went to check my weight like everyone else does, and my heart sunk as I realize that I am six pounds over my weight class. The weight class I am wrestling in is one hundred and thirteen pounds, but I weigh one hundred and nineteen. I was very nervous that my coach would find out and be displeased with me. I began to worry because being six pounds over meant that I could only eat a little

  • Wrestling Match Narrative

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    I don’t remember the exact date, but it was during my freshman year, after a wrestling match against Kentwood high school. We were the two best wrestling teams in our division. So, knowing how big this match was, the whole wrestling advertised and promoted it all week. Our efforts paid off because that following Friday the stands were packed. Students from both schools came to support, but one side was going to leave disappointed. Towards the end of the night we were down 7 points, there were two

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Benefits Of Wrestling

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    sweaty guys grab each other? Who doesn’t? This is the general idea of wrestling. I have heard this several times from my peers and I laugh every time that someone comments like that. Wrestling is more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle. Wrestling has taught me more than just hard work and dedication. Wrestling is one of those sports that you just so happen to have your summer body in the winter and vice versa. During wrestling you have to lose weight, spend countless hours waiting in between matches

  • College Admissions Essay: A Career In Professional Football

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    he would counter my move and pin me down. I get up yet once again, I end up on my back. During the 6 minute match, we had the first day, I was put on my back 15 times. Time flew by soon enough the official matches began, and I hit the jackpot of wrestling in the very first tournament. In that tournament, the Junior Varsity wrestlers were guaranteed two matches plus a third one if we do win one of the two matches. I was confident because I believed I have learned pretty good amount of techniques in

  • Personal Essay: A Sport That Changed My Life

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    to try something new maybe I could potentially be good at it. And it changed my whole experience of sports that I’ve done, and this sport was wrestling which shaped me into the person I am now. It gave me confidence, showed me what motivation is, and it also showed me what dedication felt like. Growing up I had really bad confidence in myself, and wrestling helped me build my confidence it was always so hard to believe in myself at times. I would also struggle to try new things new hobbies, or new

  • Informative Essay: Why Rodeo Is Not A Sport

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    Some people believe that rodeo is not a sport, but I believe that it is more intense than baseball, football, basketball, and anything else that tie into that matter. There is rodeo all over the world. From Brazil to Arizona, there are athletes that compete all around to win money and buckles. When people think about rodeo, the three main events that they think of are bull riding, barrel racing, and roping. Each event in competed in all over the world. Rodeo is similar to other sports in different

  • Chemistry Of Wrestling Essay

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    major, it is expected that I am only passionate about science and math. It is far from the truth. My true chemistry is with sports. I spend all of my free time indulging in sports related activities such as Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. I have been a passionate follower of wrestling since I was a young girl. For six nights a week, at least two hours each night, I watched unimaginable matches. These were matches where a guy would jump from the top of the ladder, down onto a guy who was laying on

  • Personal Narrative: The Hammer Throw

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    From the first time I walked into the hammer circle, I knew that the hammer throw was going to become one of the most important things to me. My first time throwing the hammer was a complete failure. I actually threw it in the wrong direction and fell onto the ground. After practicing nearly every day for the past three years, I'm finally at a point where I'm confident in my skills. I’ve competed in national meets all over the country. The hammer throw is a really complex event, which requires speed

  • Brazil Jiu Jitsu History

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    The History of the Brazilian Art: Jiu-Jitsu Brazilian jiu- jitsu is a martial art and a combat sport that focuses on grappling and ground fighting, the goal is to get a dominant position to submit the opponent. Jiu- jitsu is is bit modified from judo with some techniques in Japanese jiu- jitsu. Jiu- jitsu can prove that a smaller, weaker person, with the proper technique, leverage, can defend themselves against a bigger and stronger person. Sparring and drilling techniques are a major role in

  • Narrative Essay About Wrestling

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    I was not ready. That was always my excuse. But I never knew how much fun it was to lose. Wrestling was a sport I have wanted to do since at least my sixth grade year, if not earlier. Physical contact sports always intrigued me, and I wanted nothing more than to play them. Hockey, football, soccer, wrestling, they all appealed to me in more ways than one, but my mother only ever let me play soccer. She had that old fashioned thinking, and believed that girls should be cheerleaders and volleyball

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Hockey Should Allow Fighting

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    Why Hockey Should Allow Fighting The professional hockey league should allow players fight. This has been a long standing debate especially for the National Hockey League (NHL). Some administrators see it as unnecessary; some fans just want to see the teams play actually hockey; but many people feel that hockey would not be the same without the fighting. Players have said that fighting is fun, but actually part of the game. You have different jobs like the skilled positions or like the position

  • Argumentative Essay On Boxing Vs Boxing

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    That sport is wrestling is popular around the world, but for the elite wrestlers, there’s not much after college or the Olympics (Mather Jan. 2016). What do you do? When you wrestle in college, you’re on top of the world, but there is not much for the sport outside of college/Olympics (Mather Jan. 2016). In my opinion, I believe this is the case because the sport of wrestling isn’t enjoyable to watch or pay to watch. In many cases wrestlers take

  • Wrestling In My Life

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    sophomore year when I joined wrestling. I never expected myself to join a male-dominated sport. However, wrestling ended up making a huge impact in my life because it taught me to have a positive mindset, not to give up easily, always work hard for what you want, and many more. It was part of wrestling that made me who I am today. More importantly, it created a second family and home for me. Wrestling requires both mental and physical aspects. When I joined wrestling, I weighed about 102 pounds.

  • Free Standing Punch Bag Research Paper

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    To be honest with you, if you are an intermediate or advanced level and you only want to practice boxing, a hanging boxing heavy bag will probably be the best choice. However, if you would like to practice leg kick, knees, spinning back kicks or any other crazy stuff, go for a standing punching bag. In my opinion, it really depends on your fighting style and what you really want to do with it. H3 - Types of Free Standing Punch Bags As a martial arts and combat sport practitioner, I've been trying

  • Personal Narrative: The Joy Of Wrestling

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    Five years ago I just started wrestling I wasn 't sure how I felt about it yet. I was not very good and got beat on a lot that was not like me to get beat on I was always pretty athletic and good at what I did. Coach was very strict and spent quite a bit of time yelling at me which at the time I did not know he was hard on me because he wanted to see me succeed. Five years ago I would never have thought that wrestling would make me who I am today and put the second brothers I have into my life. I

  • John Shaidle Influence

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    Mr. John Schaidle. At the beginning of my 6th grade year, most of my friends were going out for wrestling. I was debating whether to join or not, and they convinced me to do it. It was one of the best decisions I ever made because this is where I first got to know Mr. Schaidle. Throughout the season, he taught me how to wrestle and how to be a leader. He was not only concerned about winning at wrestling, but also teaching us to be responsible, to show respect, and how to be a man. We, as a team, became

  • Sports Rhetorical Analysis

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    going to talk about the sports I play. Also i will talk about the sports i would consider playing! In paragraph two I will be talking mainly on Football. In paragraph three I will be talking about Basketballl. In paragraph four I will talk about wrestling! In paragraph five I will be talking about baseball. Last but least I will talk about MMA! Hope you savor my story. Do you know what Football is? Football is for people who are highly proficient. Not only do you have to be very flexible but