Apostrophe Essays

  • Examples Of Childhood Memories

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    Memories can be as vivid as the day they occurred. In my opinion, this is truest when it comes to childhood memories. As a child, my parents, my younger siblings, and I went every summer to our cabin on Wabamun Lake, located in Fallis. These are where some of my fondest childhood memories occurred and remain with me to this very day. On these vacations, I spent time with my family, heard my moms memories, saw the town, explored nature, and enjoyed the quiet. Spending time with my family was my

  • Example Of Apostrophe In Macbeth

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    can drive a person to abandon their morals, and he adopts an unhinged tone in order to affectively shock his audience to its severity. Throughout the play, Shakespeare uses apostrophe, symbolism, and foreshadowing to show that desire for power can lead one’s own destruction. Throughout the drama, Shakespeare uses apostrophe as a way to communicate a character’s emotions to the reader; he does this with Macbeth as well as Lady Macbeth, and while both instances portray how desire for power can lead

  • Persuasive Speech Homeless Animals

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    Introduction Attention Getter: One summer a mother and daughter were living in an apartment complex. They were finally excited that they're noisy neighbors were moving out. They finally had their silence, but they heard a strange noise. They couldn’t exactly tell what it was so they went out looking to check what it was. The mother saw a grey kitty meowing and sitting in the window. They had abandoned her to die. They were trying to break into the apartment to try and get the cat. This had attracted

  • Descriptive Essay On Bahamas

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    Ouch! My fingers are tingling and I can’t feel my arm. I hope that the pain will go away sometime soon. I have never felt anything like this before. I’ve never had this much pain. Am I injured? Will I ever be able to do gymnastics again. How am I going to last for the rest of the cruise? So many questions swarmed through my brain. I couldn’t bare that much longer. I had never been so worried. Some of my closest family and friends and I are having the time of our life on a carnival cruise ship. Sadly

  • Year Of Impossible Goodbyes Book Report

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    Some connections that I have with the book Year of impossible goodbyes is that my mother used to live in Asia for a very long time. I also have a younger sibling, but mine is a girl, that I have to take care of if my parents aren 't around. But the biggest connection I have to this book is that I have a brother, just like Sookan, that I don 't get to see very often because he is married and has two kids. Throughout the book of year of Impossible Goodbyes Sookan is very brave when she goes to school

  • Fourth Hour Social Class Essay

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    As I walk out of Mr.Fiedler’s fourth hour social class, I wonder what kind of mood the evil Mrs.Berntson will be in today. I turn the corner and see all of the seventh graders come out room 224 screaming in fright. Oh great, I thought to myself. I approached the door and carefully step into the classroom making sure nothing jumps out at me. I step into the classroom only to see my witch looking teacher with black hair and warts covering her face standing in the corner of the room. “Welcome to another

  • George's Decision To Kill Lennie In Of Mice And Men Analysis

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    In the novella, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, George’s decision to kill Lennie at the end of the novel was justified. George and Lennie were best friends, and have been since they were little. They got ran out of Weed(the old farm they used to work at) for harassing a girl and not letting her go. He was just scared from her screaming and kicking. He didn’t mean to harm, or scare her. And then about a year later when Lennie accidentally killed Curley’s wife, the whole farm was after him. George

  • Argumentative Essay: Should Extreme Sports Be Banned?

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    Extreme Sports have caused 4 million injuries since the year, 2000. And they are still being played! People are BMX biking, skateboarding, mountain-climbing, snowboarding and skiing, everyday. Is it really worth it to do a backflip on a snowboard knowing you could die? I don’t think it’s worth it, at all. If you did injure yourself playing an extreme sport, not only are you hurting yourself, you are also hurting your family and friends. You are hurting them in a different way. A more powerful way

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Maunawili Falls

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    Autobiography I was standing there at the edge of a fifty foot tall cliff petrified with anxiety and fear. This wasn't a stupid attempt at suicide, rather a stupid attempt at having fun before summer inevitably comes. I knew my summer already wasn't going to be fun, I signed up for algebra 2 summer school classes. So I and a few friends decided we would go to Maunawili Falls a 6 mile hike to a waterfall with a 50 foot cliff. It took us 2 hours of being covered in sweat, going through

  • Hardships In The Glass Castle

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    Overcoming advers requires being brave and noble. Also, being able to look on the positive side in life in tough situations. Overcoming illnesses, disabilities, or disfunctional families can be very hard to deal with. Sometimes you just need to keep going and not look back and by doing so a lot more opportunities may appear in life. Christy Brown in My Left Foot, Bethany Hamilton, and Jeanette Walls in The Glass Castle are all examples of people who had to deal with great hardships in order to push

  • Christopher Boone The Curious Incident

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    “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” a very hard book to understand. Many thinking happen that a person with no knowledge of the background will understand is they just picked out a page and read it. For starters it involves a boy named Christopher John Boone. Christopher is a boy with what seems to be a case of autism. Christopher has little things that bother him and that he doesn 't understand or like, he even gets offended by things that wouldn 't offend the average person. For

  • Mount Everest Persuasive Essay

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    More than 4,000 people went through the hell of climbing Mount Everest. Even though those many people attempted to climb Mount Everest, more than 290 people have died in the process. For being more than 29,000 feet above sea level, of course, there are many issues that come with it. First, the oxygen becomes thinner and thinner the higher climbers go. Second, the conditions that climbers are being put at are atrocious. Lastly, overcrowding is one of the biggest killers whilst climbing the giant know

  • Essay About Bigfoot

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    Bigfoot is a real and is consider a folklore , misidentification.Would you ever think there is more than one bigfoot? Do you believe in bigfoot? There are many people in the world that don 't believe in bigfoot. For example there are many arguments that people complain that there is and isn 't and that bigfoot is real. Also there been people that been in counter with bigfoot but people say it can just be a really big bear or gorilla. First example people say that there is no such thing as bigfoot

  • Personal Narrative: The Iowa Attack Black

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    As we approached the red and black car, I got into the car and noticed how roomy the car was. I was very exuberated to go to Minnesota. I packed 3 very stuffy bags.One of my bags was filled with clothes. The second one was filled with all my basketball stuff. The final bags were filled with extras ( toothbrush, toothpaste, food, etc.).The car was very empty on the way there.My dad was driving. My mom was in the passenger seat and I was in the back with my sister.     On they way there we saw a really

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Favorite Place In The World

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    As I stepped out onto the field, my gaze drifted upward. The sky was speckled with millions of tiny, glittering stars. We were so isolated out here that even the Milky Way was visible. I had never seen it in person before. That’s just one of those things that only happens at camp, the most magical place I know. Still admiring the constellation, I took a deep breath of cool mountain air and started walking. Under the dim light, I could see the faint features of my cabin mates and my counselors. Even

  • Essay On Mount Everest Suicide

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    Over 230 people have died and over 200 bodies still are on the sides of Mount Everest! That is from people putting their lives at risk. There are many reasons people should not be rescued if they put themselves at mortal risk. Rescuers are putting themselves in incredibly dangerous situations trying to rescuing people who are sick or injured in the “death zone”. I think it is unacceptable for some to not be considerate of others by by putting both their and there possible rescuers lives at risk

  • Rhetorical Devices In Elie Wiesel's Speech

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    Paradox, parallelism, personification, repetition, rhetorical question, pathos. You may ask yourself: what importance do these words have? These words are rhetorical devices used to develop a claim. A person who used these important devices was Elie Wiesel. In his 1986 Nobel Peace Acceptance Speech, Elie Wiesel develops the claim that remaining silent on human sufferings makes us just as guilty as those who inflicted the suffering and remain guilty for not keeping the memory of those humans alive

  • Descriptive Essay: The Nicaraguan River

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    The slippery, jagged rocks were calling my name as I anxiously awaited my turn to cross the unruly Nicaraguan river placed before me. Fear began to set in as I devised a strategy to cross the river’s frigid waters. Afterward, I carefully placed my foot into the feral water and began to slip. While trying to regain my footing, a welcoming hand reached out to my impotent body. The hand belonged to a masterful and stealthy boy. I only knew this boy for a few days, and we only communicated a few times

  • Apostrophe In To Kill A Mockingbird

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    Setting Throughout Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Jean Louise “Scout” and Jem Finch spend their childhood in Maycomb County Alabama. Dill visits in the summer and they do adventurous things such as imagining the horror inside the mysterious Radley household. The story takes place in the 1930s during the Depression Era and the time of segregation. This is truly shown when Jem and Scout’s playful childhood behavior gets turned completely upside down when their father, Atticus takes on a case

  • My Common Sense Mistakes

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    Mistakes I made in my preliminary paper are things I need to freshen up on. I used a lot of wrong words. I also had contractions, and I did not use correct apostrophes showing possession. What I did not know is to use standard American English. Now looking at your remarks I understand using “tons” was not correct. When researching information on apostrophes I was