Philippine Airlines Essays

  • Swot Analysis Of Philippine Airlines

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    Pasay City, The Philippine Airlines is the country 's ultimate flag carrier and oldest airlines. The monopolization of the airline occurred in 1995 when Lucio Tan, an affluent Chinese-Filipino businessman purchased the airline and became its chairman and CEO. . Global competition in the industry > Threat to new entrants: In spite of the low switching costs and the absence of proprietary goods and services, generally speaking, there is a low threat to new entrants in the airline industry. The huge

  • SWOT Analysis Of Flydubai: Low Fist Airlines

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    Introduction FlyDubai is a low cost airline that was established at the heart of the global recession by optimistic investors. The airline flight coverage is to regions that are within five hours margin of flying from Dubai. The airline was established by the Emirates government. The airline is not a competitor to the major airlines but poses competition to other low cost airlines. This marketing audit aims at looking at the potential markets for the airline and establishing ways of being established

  • Kalibo Island Paradise

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    Kalibo… The Island Paradise When you decided to travel and have a pleasurable trip in Asia, try out this province located at the northwest of Panay Island in the Philippines called Kalibo Aklan. A first class municipality located in the Western Vizayas region, Kalibo is hailed as the “International Tourism Gateway” in the Vizayas. This Island paradise is very famous because of the influx of tourists that are visiting Boracay Island mostly at its peak during the month of January, in time for the

  • Essay About Philippines Culture

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    The Culture of the Philippines The culture of the Philippines has been a product of hundreds of years under Spanish rule, the Japanese occupation in the 1940’s and a lasting influence by the United States of America. The Philippines is an archipelago, or group of islands, located in the Southeast Asia, bordered by the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Currently the estimated population of the Philippines is upwards of 104 million. Although many different religions are found in the region

  • Why I Love Thailand Essay

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    I have been to few countries around Southeast Asia and most of them are beautiful, but my favorite is Thailand. It's rich in culture, interesting ancient religion and delicious food . Thailand is fun-packed. From magnificent temples, elephant fun-tours and exciting tuk-tuk rides. If you want an extra unique night-out with friends in Thailand, they have the most unique red-light district to those who want some sort of different kind of excitement. Thailand also has world renowned stunning beaches

  • Essay About Christmas Coming

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    Christmas is Coming! Are You Excited or Afraid? The most wonderful time of the year is getting near. How do you feel about it? Are you thrilled or do you fear it? In the Philippines, September 1 officially marks the countdown of days before Christmas. Along with this, people start to prepare for the most awaited celebration of the year – the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is also during this season that people get to be very excited whilst some tend to be troubled. While some view Christmas

  • Literature Review: Botika Ng Barangay

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    community organization (CO)/non-government organization (NGO) and/or Local Government Unit (LGU), with a trained operator and a supervising pharmacist. It also refers to a drug outlet wherein primary, non-prescription generic drugs listed in the Philippine National Drug Formulary (PNDF) and selected prescription drugs (Cotrimoxazole, Amoxcillin, Metoprolol, Captopril, Metformin, Glibenclamide and Salbutamol) are sold and made available. The BnBs serves a total population of approximately 90 457,

  • Disney Global Culture

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    How has Disneyland been influenced by global culture differences In the 21st century, the world economy has been developing rapidly, and the globalized economy has brought great development space for transnational enterprises. In transnational business activities, cultural differences, which are very important, are easily overlooked and often become invisible barriers to international trade. Therefore, in order to successfully implement cross-cultural management, it is important to analyse cultural

  • Mcdonald's Theory Of Scientific Management Of Mcdonalds

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    In the beginning, McDonalds was run by two brothers named Richard and Maurice McDonald who not only owned but ran a hamburger restaurant in San Bernardino ,California in the 1950’s. Ray Kroc saw the potential in McDonalds and had ideas to expand it globally so he founded the McDonalds Corporation in 1955. Today, there are more than 33,000 McDonald’s restaurants globally in 119 countries (REFERENCE/web). McDonald’s applies Scientific Management by Frederick Taylor in their management. Frederick

  • Dekada 70 Analysis

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    Dekada '70 is a 2002 Filipino drama film released based on the acclaimed novel by Filipino author, Lualhati Bautista. The film was restored by the ABS-CBN Film Archive. Directed by Chito S. Roño and was released in 2002 starring Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, Piolo Pascual and Marvin Agustin. Dekada ’70 is a film about the life of a Filipino family during the time of Marcos’ Martial Law, however, it is also about women’s empowerment. One of the members of the family was involved in an organization

  • What Is Fahrenheit 451 Reflective Essay

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    Reflective Essay on Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury, The author of the book ‘Fahrenheit 451’ used and mentioned things that are related to nature and things that are related to water which basically is under the nature topic. I have read online that Ray Bradbury loved nature and he included nature in the majority of the books he wrote and he also has a known pretty long quote about nature too, but in this book the nature is different. The nature in this book isn't the nature everyone else would

  • Korean Drama In Malaysia

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    KOREAN DRAMA CRAZE AMONG YOUTH IN MALAYSIA Winter Sonata, Jewel in the Palace, Healer, Secret Garden and Boys Over Flowers. Those who are fans of Korean Drama must be familiar with those title. That was the title of Korean Drama that has been aired in Malaysia and has attracted many viewers to watch it. Youth in Malaysia especially female are obsessed with Korean drama. Based on the observation that had been made among Malaysian youth, it is evident that the Korean Drama or well known as K-Drama

  • Intramuros Case Study

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    1. Historical sites in Intramuros are losing their public appeal and importance due to the unrelenting deterioration of these infrastructures Intramuros, before it was colonized by the Spaniards, was a native settlement found near the shores of the Manila Bay, south of the entrance to Pasig River. With its strategic location near the coastline of Manila Bay, it became an ideal site for trade and commerce. Natives, under the rule of Rajah Sulayman, their chieftain, took advantage of this position

  • Reaction Paper About Dumaguete City

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    because of its history of having frequent pirate raids and its ability to captivate visitors by its beauty. Dumaguete is also well-known as “The City of Gentle People.” But it doesn’t stop there, Dumaguete is also “The Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines” and the “University Town”. Life was simple in Dumaguete city then. The population was enough - not too little, not too many. Life in Dumaguete back then was fed by a constant engagement with the sea and rivers. These bodies of water were said

  • Post Office Reaction Paper

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    I have always thought that Manila has a lot of beautiful landmarks that depict the rich history of the City. One summer, we decided to explore the Capital of the Philippines armed with the preparedness to combat the scourging heat of the Metro and the possible danger of a beautiful temptress. Before we started our journey, we both agreed that we make Central Post Office as our jump-off point provided that most of the major landmarks of Manila are accessible from its location. As I stepped out from

  • Importance Of Tourism In The Philippines

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    FIVE GOOD REASONS TO VISIT PHILIPPINES. The Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast Asia made up of over 7000 islands. Apart from its urban sprawls, it is a country of outstanding beauty,super friendly people combined with rich history and cultural tradition. This exotic scattering of islands lures both local and international tourists to explore its many natural wonders. There are millions of reasons to come to Philippines, but the top five destinations which are definitely worth a visit

  • Effects Of Secessionism In The Philippines

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    reconsidering the establishment of a federal system of government in the archipelago has set in its highest peak when the Duterte administration has finally stepped into office. The advocacy of the Duterte administration especially to the legislators of the Philippine Congress has hastily commenced, with an emphasis from the president’s will to implement such system in five to six years before his term’s completion. As a Filipino born and compelled to complacent with the unitary form of government, this vehement

  • Examples Of Eradicating Poverty In The Philippines

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    Magtangob, Kristoffer Raye 2015-12885 Future of the Philippines: Eradicating Poverty November 19, 2015 Thesis: The Filipino nation can be lifted from poverty by producing quality jobs for employment, reducing inflation rate in the market, and having inexpensive and holistic education through the help of the new leadership in the country. For years, the Philippines has been working towards poverty eradication; this becomes the main goal of the Philippine government to improve the quality of life of Filipinos

  • The Causes And Consequences Of The Spanish-American War

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    bloodshed both on the side of the U.S and Spain. The U.S thus won the war leading to the Spanish leaving Cuba. The war also set a stage for other policies in the U.S and reflected the development that had been experienced in the 19th Century. The Philippines also gained its independence and Hawaii joined the Union because of the

  • Coconut Oil Essay

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    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Introduction Coconut was the predominant crop cultivated in Kerala and regarded as the ‘tree of life’ since each and every part of it was useful for man. There was a sincere attachment of people of Kerala towards coconut which is also called ‘Kalpavriksha - tree of heaven’. The life of people in Kerala was closely linked with the different uses of coconut. Coconut oil was the only edible oil used in Kerala households until 1980’s.Due to structural changes in various sectors