Spartan Essays

  • Narrative Essay On Spartan Life

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    Every day, I woke up to the sound of men marching through the corridors. Spartan life was harsh. We were trained till we couldn’t feel our hands; trained to protect the city we live in. The horns roared around the building, woke every Spartan soldier up. “We train today like every other day. But in the next following days, we must train as hard as we ever trained before. As we will fight an army of thousands - the Persian army.” Announced Leonidas king of Sparta. Leonidas is our king, but he is

  • Justice And Self-Interest In The Melian Dialogue

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    In Greek history many wars took place due to the conquering of other lands for empowerment and wealth. The question arises by the Melians during the Peloponnesian war about how “justice” and “self- interest are distinguished. In the Melian Dialogue, the Athenians seek self-interest of power and strength for their empire, while the Melians seek justice by friendship and neutrality instead of slavery. Due to this questioning, the Athenians are seen being self-fish and unjust due to their greed and

  • Child Soldiers In Afghanistan

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    Stolen Youth What comes to mind when you hear the words ¨Child Soldiers”? Do you think of a child with soldier abilities? Maybe you even think of children who never give up and are true fighters. Child soldiers are children who are conscripted to become a part of armed forces by force. Inside the borders of Afghanistan having children participate in combat is a reality for the civilians and children. In Afghanistan many children are being recruited to join armed groups. The children are being taken

  • The Spartan Weapon

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    Spartan-weaponry The first and most well-known weapon from the Spartan 's choice of weaponry is their spear, or 'Dory '. The Dory was a spear which was wielded by the Spartan soldiers; the Dory itself was truly a hefty spear and ranged from seven to nine feet long in length. When used by the Spartans, this spear would be wielded with only one hand which allowed for the Spartan to maintain and protect himself with his Apsis shield. When wielding the Dory to attack, the Spartan would mix both upward

  • Spartan Hegemony

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    Krissy Wetzel The Spartan Hegemony and Their Fierce War Tactics The Spartans have long been fantasized as fearsome great warriors throughout history. They were known for their brutality in war and never giving into defeat. They were also feared and revered by all and most of the other societies would not dare cross their path. The other societies knew not to mess with the Spartans because of how fearsome their reputation was. The Spartan hegemony became so successful due to its innovations in military

  • Roles Of Spartan Women

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    The Roles of Spartan Women differed in many ways from those of Athens. From a young age, Spartan Women have raised different than their Athenian counterparts. As children, Spartan women were taught from the age of 7 that education would be key for them in life. They were taught how to read and write in case something happens to their loved ones in the future and were forced to take care of themselves and their family in the future. Unlike Athenian women who were taught simple housewives roles such

  • Essay On Spartan Tattoos

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    Legendary Spartan Tattoos: Discover The Meanings Behind These Power Images Spartan tattoo designs are based on an ancient Greek society who were renowned for their fierce warriors and formidable army. Spartans also valued knowledge, took education seriously and even had a democratic government. They were the most feared military army in the Greek world between the 4th and 6th century. This society was once again commemorated in the 2006 movie 300, which told the legendary story of the Battle of

  • Spartans Military Values

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    #18: DOK Level 1 – Question: Who were the Spartans? The Spartans were basically the soldiers of the Ancient Greek city-state, Sparta. The Spartans devoted all their time to the military, partaking in military training, hunting and war battles. They lived a frugal lifestyle and without any luxuries. They were taught to be brave and courageous at a very young age, soon evolving into soldiers for the military. DOK Level 2 – Question: Summarize how Spartans laid the groundwork for military principles

  • Essay About The Battle Of Thermopylae

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    Persian army. On the other hand, the priests of the shrine opposed the war because they thought it is a dangerous hurt game. Therefore, the Leonidas went to the war with 300 Spartans. They prevented massive Persian army from entering Attica. The Sparta was a militaristic society, boys begun military service at age 7. Also, Spartans was brave, and they could unite Greeks. Thebans wanted to join in the battle with Leonidas, and they took a place in the narrow valleys in order to prevent tens of thousands

  • Essay On Spartan Civilizations

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    Lacedaemon. Spartans capital was located at Laconia and had a very isolated environment with mountains and water which was another reason why Sparta was so successful for such a long time. Sparta’s main reason because of their success being their military reach their peak around 404 BC (“Sparta” 2009). Spartans military played a huge role in the society of Ancient Greece through Spartan women, government hierarchy, and

  • Essay On Spartan Government

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    For the Spartans the right to participate and made important decisions from the entire community were only exercised by the adult and legitimate male citizens of Sparta. Therefore, their parents must be full-blooded Spartans. The form of government of Spartan was military totalitarian. The government governed by the selected few among the legitimate male citizens. In short, to obtain the absolute right to take part in running the political system, one must be born with Spartan parents and it

  • Spartan Democracy Essay

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    the things Spartan where suppose to do because male Sparta were always at war. The Helot were usually farming their own farmland and giving the proceeds to their Spartan master of which the Helot weren’t happy with, because of this, Spartan males where always on alert in case of Helot uprising. The never move to far from home for fear of the Helot fighting back. ATHENS Just like Sparta, Athens is a state in Greece with a system of government somewhat different from that of Sparta. Spartan practice

  • Revolutions In Spartan Society

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    major problem with Spartan society was the use of slaves. The Spartans suffered consistent revolts from the helots. Helots were the people of Messenia that were enslaved after the Spartans conquered Messenia. Sparta sustained by itself using helots to farm the vast resourceful and rich farm land the state controlled. Helots provided the economic needs for Sparta, while its citizens engaged in military service. The Spartans used brutal methods to repress any helot rebellion. The Spartans collapsed as a

  • Athens Vs Spartan Politics

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    Well, first of all the Spartans made decisions by their power. The Spartans were constantly in battle. They obviously took advantage of the Helots and made them their slaves. They were in control and had a higher power in Sparta. The Athenians were democratic. Sparta had set up two Kings for Polis. Although the Spartans were strong, the Gerousia and Ephors were positions they needed to uphold to become political to create any change in society. Yes, the Spartan had a strong military which made for

  • Catch-22 Literary Analysis

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    Catch-22 is an American literary classic, which delves deeply into the many diverse characters stationed at a fictional island, Pianosa, during the Second World War. This novel shows the side of war which is overlooked in almost every other book or movie; instead of highlighting the action of war, it shows us detailed personalities, and sub-plots in a humorous way as well as questioning human philosophy and at the same time, showing the stupidity of war. The author of Catch-22 is Joseph Heller who

  • The Importance Of Spartan Education

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    not be able to decide if you want to fight for Sparta? Spata, in my viewpoint, Sparta was a strong but cruel country. Spata was not fair to the people of it’s city-state, it was rude of the leaders by the way they treated them. The weaknesses of Spartan education were the execution of helots, they didn’t have a well-rounded education, and after all the people of Sparta had few free choices for themselves. The execution of the helots every night was a very unintelligent thing for the helots to do

  • Examples Of Heroism In Julius Caesar

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    Heroism is a very debatable topic in this day and age, I often find myself thinking, what truly does make a hero? I believe that in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Caesar himself displays the most hero-like qualities, above all the other characters. I understand that that seems like a very bold statement to make, so to prove it, I’ll have to answer the question I asked from before, what makes a hero? In my opinion, there are three distinct qualities that make up a true hero. The first is respect, all

  • The Oligarchy System In The Spartan Empire

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    The Spartan Empire Spartan Government: An oligarchy system was adopted in Sparta. In the oligarchy system, few people has the power to rule. Sparta also had an assembly just like Athens, but the main decisions were taken by the “Council of Elders” with two kings and twenty-eight other men as its members. The two kings where born within the royal family while the twenty-eight man where elected by the assembly. For men to be elected to the Council of Elders, they had to be at least 60 years old

  • Spartan Women Research Paper

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    Spartan Women were encouraged to become intellectual and strong, they were able to marry and create their families at a much later point in their life, and finally the Spartan women was in way more control of her household, herself, as well as her husband than any other greek women was in history. They were not looked at as second class citizens, their opinions were valued and the woman herself was respected. To put it as simply as possible these ladies were pretty kick ass. Not only were Spartan

  • Compare And Contrast Spartan And Athenians

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    your parents and other groups of adults? Being forced to lie, steal, cheat in order to survive? All this is done to make a you a tough Spartan that can endure everything. Spartans are way better than Athenians because you went through a lot of pain to make you tough, you learned to be cunning, and you learned to respect toward your fellow Spartans . Spartans are way better than Athenians because you went through a lot of pain to make them tough and to become a superior officer. You have been