1. How Will Your Greatest Strength Help You Perform?

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1. How will your greatest strength help you perform? My organizational skills is my greatest strength. I'm capable of handling details and orderliness, keeping a few projects on schedule at the same time would not confound me too. All these organizational skills would allow me to sort out the information successively as a human resources trainee. Since I was the secretary of Student Union when I studied in my university, I am familiar with doing paper works and organizing many words to find out the main point. This experience would enhance my performance in this position because I'm able to finish more works within a period, which means I would be a more efficient worker when comparing with others. It could lead to a more efficient working process and it is beneficial to the company for sure. I would spare no efforts in helping the company to increase its revenue and reputation. 2. Why should we hire you? It is because I am a responsible and active person. In every project or work, I would finish my parts of work on time and I am willing to take the initiative to help…show more content…
I always worry about that other people will reject and criticize my ideas, so I always lack confidence to share my views. As I remember there was a discussion about social issue, after I had shared my views, the others have misunderstood my point. Actually, I should be able to respond to it, but I was very nervous and afraid of their criticism before I give out response. At the end, I realized that this might be the last and only chance for me to express my own views, so I overcame this situation by telling myself, “Now or Never!”. I finally give response to others. In fact, most of previous imagination of the consequence is not true as they finally agree with my idea. In this case, I learnt that the actual experience may sometimes happen in completely another way besides our
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