Personal Experience: First-Generation College Students At K-State University

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This documentary was about first-generation college students at K-State University and basically how they were able to adjust to college and discover what they wanted to do which for all of them was become a teacher. There are nine different stories on nine different people listing the obstacles they had to go through and basically what lead them to discovering themselves and becoming the person that they are today. This documentary to me was very helpful to see that there are many other kids like me who are doing this for a first time and that everyone faces challenges but we have to overcome them by finding what makes them happy to keep them focused. I realized that I identified with each and every one of them in different ways and they all …show more content…

Those three were the individual ones that I seemed to identify the most with but there are common factors that are the same in each and every one of these students. Most of them were motivated by their parents or had some external force holding them accountable. They all had outlets such as sports or even just taking walks to keep them grounded. Mine was reading, I knew when I was younger that reading a book when I was going through something always help, it seemed like I was in a new world. Finally, even though they were all first generation students they still knew from the very beginning that they would graduate college. The advice that I would give future current-generation students is to not focus on the successes or the lifestyles of their peers and make their own paths. In college you truly will meet so many people who will be going down the wrong paths, or not exhibiting behaviors that you would think but just avoid the partying as much as possible; or if they do decide to party and stuff just to always put their education first and have their work

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