A Rhetorical Analysis Of An Ad From 2012 Geico

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The advertisement by “Geico”, one of the major insurance companies in the world, was broadcasted on the 29th of Aug in 2012 Body builder directing traffic. Insurance is known for being boring and monotonous, something that nobody wants to deal with. Just like Geico commercials are famous for they added comedy into their advertisements. In an ad from 2012 Geico uses a body builder directing traffic and comparing him to show how happy only Geico customers are. In the commercial I have chosen to analyze, the bodybuilder is in city street, flexing his muscles as happy as can be and at the same time directing traffic in new poses. After a few seconds into the commercial two guys state, “You know Ronnie, Folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico sure are happy.” “And how happy are they Jimmy?” “I’d say happier than a body builder directing traffic.” “He does look happy.” …show more content…

Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.” Geico persuades the audience to switch to Geico by appealing to Logos. In the current economy or even the past economies saving money is and was always something a family tries to do. The audience is keen on the saving money part of the commercial. This slogan proved to be very effective and Geico stuck with it for every ad so that it may be further instilled into their audience. The point of the advertisement is persuading the audience that switching to Geico can save them money more than their current insurance and they would be overall much happier. Geico has appealed to the audiences by Pathos when they put the audience in an emotional state of

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