A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Marrlot Apparel Commercial

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Marmot Apparel is an outdoor clothing equipment company that sales everything from tents to socks. Their commercial is about two doubtful species joining together for an adventure where the amusement never ends. Marmot Apparel adequately persuades young adult to purchase their outdoor clothing equipment through a charming commercial between man and animal using pathos, logos, and ethos. The intended audience that Marmot Apparel is trying to persuade to buy their clothing is adults from the age sixteen to thirty. The main slogan of the commercial is, “Fall in Love With the Outdoors” (“50”). The slogan targets ages sixteen to thirty because those ages are searching for love. Whether this age group wants to admit it or not, their main goal is …show more content…

The two characters in the scene are clearly enjoying themselves through an adventure in the wild. It makes the watcher logically think if he goes outside into the nature, he will have an amazing time as well. Marmot Apparel knows that in order to enjoy nature, the correct outfit is crucial. That is why the watcher see the characters in different sets of clothing at every scene of adventure. It is logically for the watcher to purchase this clothing in order to have fun with nature. In this commercial ethos is enormously important. Their brand name is Marmot and it is named after an animal that belongs in the wild. They credit themselves survival through all types of weather just like the marmot. Marmots are mountainous squirrel like creatures that live in the rugged mountains all over the world. With rugged and warm coats of fur, they are able to live out the winter. Marmot Apparel hopes the watcher can trust their brand, so they picked a species that is relatively known for its resistance to weather by living in harsh conditions. Marmot Apparel use of this commercial is effective. All rhetoric elements flow through it efficiently, and make an entertaining commercial for all while persuading certain audience members. This brand is not well known, but this Super Bowl ad achieved its goal to get their name out

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