Rhetorical Analysis Of The Coke Mini Commercial

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Commercial Smash! With technology advancing quicker than ever, everything is changing and becoming more interactive and ads are no different. All around us are advertisements, in grocery stores, on the television and on the web. There are many types of ads, but most of them do not let you interact with them. In the Coke Mini commercial you can switch between an action-packed scene of the Hulk chasing Ant-Man who took the last Coke Mini, to an adult male playing with Hulk and Ant-Man figures around his house with just a click of a button. This interactive commercial is effective because it is unique from other ads, it uses familiar characters that people love, the use of the product throughout the commercial, and use of the rhetorical appeals, …show more content…

You are able to click the ad and switch from two different version of the story. This commercial uses many rhetorical appeals, such as ethos. It uses the famous images of The Hulk and Ant-Man to appeal to fans of Marvel. If a kid likes Marvel or likes the characters, then when they see this commercial they might beg their parents for a Coke Mini so they can be like their favorite superhero. This is effective because that child can influence their parents into buying the product. The company can also gain lifelong consumers that will recognize their name and buy their product. Another rhetorical appeal it uses is pathos to get people to feel something from the commercial. In the beginning of the commercial the man is sitting at his computer looking incredibly bored or stressed out, because of this he walks away from his computer and notices the figures, and ends up playing with them. When viewers see the adult male playing with the figures, it appeals to the viewers’ inner childlike side and reminds them of when they were younger playing with toys. The commercial is appealing to people who are grown up or are growing up because it gives them a hint of nostalgia for their childhood. The ad also makes people laugh seeing the adult male running around his

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