Abolishing The Penny Makes Good Sense By Alan Blinder Analysis

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Alan S. Blinder presents in this article, “Abolishing the Penny Makes Good Sense” argues that the penny should be abolished because the penny is just a waste. Blinder supports his argument by listing and describing several problems that the penny causes. The authors purpose is to persuade the reader to agree with him to get rid of the penny so that the congress would not be wasting so much money into a penny. The author writes in formal tone for a neutral audience because it is not direct nor indirect to anyone in particular.
Blinder states in his article how his son, “an eight year old thinks a penny is not worth the time to neatly wrap in rolls of 50… so why does the U.S. government keep producing the things?” Blinder ends off the paragraph with a question, physiologically the author already know he has the reader's question now about the penny. Now that Blinder has the readers captive, questioning how if an “eight year old” does not think it is worth his time to wrap the pennies why should others. The author making connections with
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The author knowing most people are aware of how traditional England is, states how even England decided to abolish the penny. Blinder writes “ Even England, as tradition- bound a nation as they come, is more progressive in this matter than the United States. Years ago the smallest unit of British currency was the farthing, equal to one-quarter of what was then called a penny.” This 2 part sentence models how big Blinder is trying to make the situation is involving the two different countries. Because of how Blinder word choice describing and making the United States seem behind will now grasp more of the audience attention and worry them. Blinder goal was to get more of the audience upset and worried about the United States

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