Absolute Poverty And Relative Poverty

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POVERTY Poverty is studied as two different concepts by the researchers and sociologists , which are absolute poverty and relative poverty. Absolute poverty-The idea behind this concept is that the basic conditions that must be met in order to sustain a physically healthy existence .People who fail to meet these requirements for human existence, such as sufficient food, shelter and clothing - are said to live in poverty. The concept of absolute poverty is seen as universally applicable.The other concept is relative poverty which basically says that poverty can be measured universally as some goods for a country might be neccesities and for another may be luxaries therefore poverty is a relative concept varrying for place to place. One common…show more content…
they are also likey to become poor adults. Women have a lot of responsibilty with the home ie manage their children and houses therefore they are employed on part time jobs which offer a lower wage rate than a full time job.Ethnic groups are found in all countries these are from the tribal regions and are uneducated hence have trouble to find jobs which means no money and further are hit by poverty.Older people ie the people above the age of 65 which is the retirement age , they get a low pension which is less than the amount they were getting while…show more content…
Social exclusion refers to processes by which individuals may become cut off from full involvement in the wider society. Social exclusion is a wider term than poverty, and includes a lack of resources and income and exclusion from the labour market, services and social relations. Homelessness is one of the most extreme forms of social exclusion. Homeless people lacking a permanent residence may be shut out of many everyday activities which most people take for granted.
Crime and social exclusion go hand and hand,when a person due to insuffcient money or any other cause of poverty is socially excluded,the person finds quick methods to earn a livelihood these quick methods of earning money and make a life style include wrong and ill legal activities.Many children who do not have adults to guide them properly fall into this trap.These activities range from muders to theft.The sole purpose of people to engage in such activities is to earn money so that they are no longer excluded from the

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