Reflective Essay On English 5a

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Reflection As a student enrolled in English 5A for almost 5 months, I have steadily acquired knowledge of the basic elements of an academic paper along with the amount of depth that these elements can add to one’s paper. Practices such as, identifying the conversation, which was the basis of our first academic essay, summarizing another’s views, the topic of our second essay, and entering the conversation, which was an accumulation of all the techniques the class and I had gained and the topic of our third essay, have instilled within me the necessary knowledge to seamlessly incorporate my own views with that of others. However, the third essay in particular required another attribute that was never present in previous essays; that element …show more content…

Suffice it to say that these two essays display an overwhelming presence of depth, dimension, and the majority of the information that was taught in English 5A due to the fact that in both of these essays, I either identify the conversation, summarize an expert’s perspective, or enter the conversation myself in order to assemble the basic elements that should be present in all …show more content…

Not just with myself, but with other people, who although might hold a differing set of beliefs and opinions, do realize that in order for concrete solutions to be reached, all facets of the issue must be presented. That is what I have strived to achieve in the essays presented within this portfolio. Beyond the confines of the classroom, I have found that these practices of identifying, summarizing, and entering the conversation have enabled me to discern what the issue truly is when a societal or economic predicament arises. However, I realize that these three basic elements of an academic essay are just that, basic. They lay down the foundation for all of the essays that I will hopefully get the opportunity to write and provide me with a set of guidelines that I can refer back if I ever experience the notorious “writer’s

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