Advantage Of Teamwork Essay

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I like to work in a team. There are many advantages of teamwork. We have all heard the phrase “two heads are better than one.” Of course with more minds set on a specific goal, you have access more ideas. Looking at things from the perspective of others can increase the likelihood of quality innovation.
A widely understood and interesting concept in the management jargon, extended form of the word TEAM, is: T – Together, E – Everyone, A – Achieves and M – More.
The concept of Together Everyone Achieves More itself conveys the importance of teamwork at the workplace and other places. Team-building and team-work skills are essential in the workplace and highly desirable skills to possess when seeking a new job or promotion. Teams working at their potential generate more productivity and offer better solutions than if all of them
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Being part of a team will help you develop your interpersonal skills such as speaking and listening as well as team working skills such as leadership, and working with and motivating others. Some of these skills will be useful throughout your academic career and all are valued by employers.
You must have noticed that the list of advantages points out to two basic facts that work, when distributed, reduces workload, and a reduced amount of work ensures efficiency. Effective teamwork benefits the organization by increasing the individual productivity, which is important in order to achieve the targets and fulfill commitments. Also, teamwork decreases the non-productive hours, which therefore increases productivity and ensures maximum utilization of manpower. This is the reason why school authorities are promoting teamwork among students.
For some professionals, it might be a bit difficult to adjust to a group environment, but I am sure, they will gradually start loving to work as a team as they will see themselves developing as productive employees as well as better human

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