Advantages And Disadvantages Of Restrains

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The use of restrictions in hospitals is a worldwide practice. There are different types but mostly they use seclusion and restrains. Using restrains means the intentional restriction or the limitation of patient movement. More often, it used to manage the aggressive behavior which attended mostly by psychiatric and mental illness patients. The type of restrains will be chosen according to the degree of patient behaviors or the condition. Physical restraints, is to hold the patient by two or more stuff members to prevent him from leaving. The other type is mechanical restraint, which involve the use of some equipment such as, mittens, heavy belt which will restrict the movement from chairs, and raising the side rails of the bed for geriatric patient. Moreover, the chemical restrain is the easiest way which involves the use of medications. Making a decision to use the restrains is not straightforward or easy for nurses. It is need daily legal and ethical decision making. Sometimes, using restrains has so many advantages and disadvantages that put the health care providers to decide what is right and what is wrong.

In respect to the restrains dilemma, using restrains can be effective in controlling the patient’s behavior and violent. According to the ethical theories, using restrains is acceptable …show more content…

It has many types which will use based on the patient condition or behavior. The decision regarding the use of restrains is not an easy; it’s really a legal and ethical dilemma especially for nurses. Some theories was supported the use of restrains and some are not, but the important things here that the nurses must have updated knowledge of excellent ethical decision making. Also, to focus on two main ethical principles which are beneficence and nonmaleficence. In mu opinion, the use of restrains must be prevented due to the present of too many alternatives which can make the patient

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