Analyse The Factors That Affect Child Development Research Paper

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A child’s family environment, background and health can all have an impact on a child’s development because if the child is uncomfortable or unhappy then they are not developing in a healthy way. A child needs to feel loved and be shown affection to help them feel safe and secure in their environment in order to develop in a positive way. Children and young people’s development will either be boosted or restricted by personal factors, as well as external ones. External factors have a marked effect on a child’s development from the very beginning but they can also affect how involved a child is with school and group activities. If a child is already experiencing personal factors which are impeding their development then external factors on top of those may increase this delay. Families and change – During the time a child attends school, families can go through a huge number of changes, such as moving town or country, changes in parental relationships, job changes, illness and bereavements all of which can have an effect on a child development, especially emotional, social and intellectual developments. Such changes can alter the way a child behaves in class or the way in which they learn. Social and cultural background- Children can come from a diverse cultural background and varying circumstances and this should be taken into …show more content…

Another example would be spina bifida; where the child’s legs may be partially or fully paralysed and they may have problems controlling their bowel and bladder. Physical disabilities can prevent children taking part in some physical activities, thus impairing their physical development and ultimately their social interactions in the playground or during group work. This in turn can affect confidence and their ability to interact with their

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