Anesthesiologist Personal Statement

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I am passionate about the medical industry and I aspire to major in chemistry and then attend medical school, aspiring to become an anesthesiologist. However, my strong motivation to become successful in the medical industry stems from a negative experience. It was likely the greatest challenge I had ever faced in my life. Just last year, my grandmother began to suffer the ill effects of complications due to her diabetes. It was a traumatizing experience for her, as well as for my family. We visited the hospital almost every day to visit her and check on her. Many times when I visited her, she was disoriented or could not remember anything. It was horrifying! My grandmother is the pillar of my family and we frequently talk and interact. I did not know what I would do without her. I was able to overcome this great challenge in my personal life by being able to lean on others in my family and in my circle of personal friends for support. The love they showed me gave me the strength to preserve and push through until eventually my …show more content…

My interest in the challenging field of medicine stems from my desire to use my talents and interests to benefit others who are in situations similar to my grandmother’s. I have been actively involved in many extra-curricular opportunities to begin to take steps which will give me the resources necessary to further pursue these interests and enable me to become knowledgeable and versatile in the STEM fields. From here, I will be able to make a profound impact on my community and eventually the world. I firmly believe that each of us with opportunities, not for personal benefit, but to enable us to touch someone in need. In my case, I believe that I could best serve my community, as well as the world, through the field of healthcare and medical research. I find this to be the most powerful gift in the story of mankind: the gift to

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