Are Immigrants Taking Jobs Essay

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Are Immigrants Taking Jobs From Americans?
While the United States population consists of natural born citizens, one can find a variety of many nationalities or immigrants, whether they are Hispanic, German, Asian or French. For certain, immigrant workers, whether legal or illegal, affect the U.S. economy, however some researchers will argue that immigrants are affecting the lives and financial well-being of the American citizen. Three researchers recently debated the topic “Do Immigrants Take Jobs From American-Born Workers?” in the New York Times’ Room for Debate series where each of the researchers had very different views (“Do Immigrants Take Jobs”).
The first debater is Steven Camarota. Camaroto’s view is that the “less-educated” Americans are losing their jobs to immigrants (Camarota). In his research, he argues that at the time his article was written compared to November 2007, there were more immigrants working than the natural born U.S. citizens. To prove his argument he lists studies done by other researchers that show how the employment of immigrants affected the inexperienced American born citizens, like citizens under the age of 29, less educated black men, as well as teenagers (Camarota). His outlook is that by not limiting immigration, it is directly affecting the American citizens who are poverty stricken due to their …show more content…

The HCTSR tools four descriptions with their corresponding numbers are: Strong (4), Acceptable (3), Unacceptable (2), and Weak (1) (Facione and Gittens, 11; ch. 1). Each debater has a different view on how immigrant workers are affecting employment of the natural born American workers and give examples or some supporting evidence to support their

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