Persuasive Essay On Pitbulls

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People say pit-bulls are dangerous and that they are monsters; however, humans are the real danger and the real monsters. Pit-bulls should not be blamed for their owners mistakes; therefore, people should not blame an entire dog breed for the few who have been trained to be aggressive and mean. The owners should be at fault, not the breed of the dog; the breed’s owners have raised them to be aggressive and mean. Although, in certain people’s opinions, they are mean to others, but they are actually great dogs to have as pets. Humans have always been the real monster in these situations, yet most people do not see it that way. Society sees only the worst, they will notice when pit-bulls fight with others dog’s or act aggressively towards a human; however, they never blame the owner. There are owners out there that train their dogs to protect them or be aggressively with others dog’s; thus, due to their idiotic move, society looks …show more content…

They use pit-bulls for dog fighting due to pit-bulls are quick to learn, eager to please and easy to handle. According to The American Pit-Bull Terriers, “Once a pit-bull accepts you as their master, they will gladly lay down their own life to please you.” The breed has an incredible sense of determination; once they start, they will not stop until they cannot keep going anymore or until their owner tells them to stop. The desire to complete their task combined with their unbelievable sense of loyalty makes them an easy target for dog fighters and criminals alike. The myth that pit-bulls love to fight is just a myth, it’s came from the human exploitation and their sense of determination. They may not start the fight; however, if one does start, they will not back down. Pit-bulls are not just great for fighting; they can be used as search and rescue dogs, police dogs, and even therapy dogs. With their farm background; a well trained pit-bull can be used as an exceptional herding dog as

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