Argumentative Essay: Random Locker Searches In Schools

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Although an innumerable amount of students may disagree, having random locker searches are an exquisite idea. Some parents think that it is an invasion of privacy, other parents feel that it teaches structure. Nobody should be against locker searches, unless they have something to ensconce. The first reason why a multifold of students would like random locker searches to be implemented into their school policy. A multitudinous number of students desire random searches to be performed, because many of them conclude that it would make their school feel exceptionally safer. A locker is the perfect size for a small concealable weapon or firearm. Thanks to random searches being performed in schools across the United States, a bounteous number of…show more content…
Students yearn to be able to feel safe at school. Local courts have deemed locker searches as legal. Lockers are school property, so schools should have free reign to search students lockers. If locker searches are performed, it could prevent bullying. Locker searches could be beneficial to the school. if the locker is damaged and no search was performed on that locker, than they would not know who caused the damage. If they do perform locker searches, they could find damage that was concealed or hidden. Although quite a few students support random locker searches, other students have their reasons for opposing the idea of random locker searches. Numerous students feel that the school administrators do not trust them, and that is why they perform the locker searches. However, in most cases that is not the truth. Most of the time parents believe that it should not be legal to search their child’s locker, so it all comes down to legal issues with the school. Parents believe that hiring staff to perform locker searches is a waste of precious money and time. Although there are many different views on performing random locker searches, there are many good supporting claims from both sides. Maybe the debate over performing locker searches will be settled
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