Argumentative Essay: Spanking For Love

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Spanking for love In September, 2014, CBS Houston reported that Adrian Peterson, a Vikings football player, beat his 4-year-old son with a tree branch that summer. The beating left wounds and welts on the child’s body. Later on, the star running back was indicted on child abuse charges and subsequently deactivated for Minnesota Vikings’ second week game against New England Patriots. Although Adrian has avoided jail time in child abuse case, he yet faced a suspension by NFL Commissioner for the remainder of the entire 2014 season with no pay (Orr 2014). So many articles on most social media highly objected to Adrian’s punishment on his little son. Working in my mother-in-law’s nail salon, I could see how furious some of my customers were toward …show more content…

I believe that this attitude is not always judicious. My life experiences can take a position for spanking in educating children. Also, some parenting experts agree that spanking might be helpful in certain situations. Ruben Navarrette, a CNN contributor, Daily Beast columnist and a nationally syndicated columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group, and a father of three, mentioned that “In many homes today, the kids have won, and parents become such ‘wimps’”. As Navarrett acknowledges, “Fear is essential to respect. Children won 't do what we tell them to do, unless - at some level - they fear the consequences that will come from not doing it.” Continuing his debate about spanking, he states that “Too many parents today are falling down on their job. The problem isn 't that too many kids get spanked. It 's that some kids who need a spanking might never get one… Too many children in America do not respect their parents; that is a real threat.” I remember seeing an exhausted mother chasing after her 5 year old son nearly 11 pm and trying to tell him that it was over bedtime; but the boy was still running around the house until

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