Arguments Against Drug Testing To Determine Welfare In The United States

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No Test, No Check Ronald Reagan said, “We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave, not by how many are added.” People should find a way not to rely on the government for assistance unless it is truly needed. Welfare is defined as a program designed to help those in financial need or the unemployed by distributing goods or money. Welfare is made for those who need assistance for a short amount of time and is not meant to be long term. It is a privilege for those who are not financially stable enough to support themselves or their families. Currently, a portion of those granted with this government aid tend to abuse it by taking advantage of taxpayer’s money. Although many people believe that government aid should be given …show more content…

Welfare should be given where it is need. One argument for not drug testing is that welfare is a cross walk that provides support and relief for those with true need. It is intended to revive individuals to get back on there own feet but not to have a long term relationship with the government and feeds off of it’s dependency. A second argument for not allowing drug test to be done is that parents will not be able to support for their children. Over 50% of the students attending a public school from the Pre-K to 12th grade in the state of North Carolina are either receiving free or reduced lunch. How do parent not make enough money to feed their children when the government is giving them two meals a day for a week, for an average of one hundred and seventy- eight days? A third argument for not testing recipients is that the day-to-day needs such as food, Healthcare, and clothes will not be met for them. The purpose of a drug test is to see if a recipient is using drugs. If they test positive on that drug test, then one simply must ask where do they get the money to purchase these narcotize? If one is using drugs, it is assumed that they could also be buying alcohol and finding other addictions such as gambling. If a recipient is found positive, they should be removed from welfare and placed into a program of therapy for the drug abuse. Once they’ve recovered, hopefully for the better, they can enter society and the workforce with a positive

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