Backpacker Tourism Case Study

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1.1 Background of the Study

In this day and age, majority of the holidaymakers specifically backpacker tourists hold different insights about certain destinations that would introduce a justified holiday experience at its finest. Enjoying the captivating gateways of a natural and environmentally serene yet an ideal location would be a factor of great drive evolving to their travel motivation which provides evidence on the endlessly increasing mobile world.

“Travel motivations forms an integral part of travel behavior and has been widely researched and applied in tourism marketing strategies.” It was emphasized by (Venkatesh, 2006) that the need or desire to see the unseen and definitely know the unknown are driving people to travel to new-fangled places and motivates them to visit new destinations.” Therefore, with much force of a potential
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Loker-Murphy and Pearce, 1995); (Foster, 2007); Pearce et al., 2009). In the other note, Backpacker tourism is indeed remarkable and a significant phenomenon that has enraptured substantial quantity of attention from both academics as well as the industry practitioners.Evidently, in the English language literature and academics, it was wildly renowned and extensively researched that backpacking and backpackers are popular topics to be focused on. According to (Riley, 1988; Teas, 1988; Loker-Murphy and Pearce, 1995; Loker-Murphy, 1997; Hampton, 1998). Additionally, it is evident that the interest and curiosity for backpacking and the backpacker tourism is consistently rising. (Murphy, 2001); (Ryan and Mohsin, 2001); (Scheyvens, 2002); (Mohsin and Ryan, 2003); (Nash et al., 2006); (Pearce and Foster, 2007); (Rogerson,

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