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Task 1 “How to balance Entertainment and Schoolwork” by Tomas Luo
My education programmed and its demands
They usually like to cramp a lot of tests a couple week before a holiday. In high school we have around 8 subjects and every subject need about 2-3 grading criteria for every 6 months and, we have something called mock exams and exams which adds up to around 1 test each week, but sometimes we have zero test one week and have up to 3 tests in the following week. So, I would say the demands are fair, but sometimes it is scheduled so bad for the students whose is trying their best and it can go further even as losing motivation to try their best. A lot of it comes down to mental fortitude. Which nowadays is very hard to find, because a lot
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You can spend endless hours of gaming or binge watching tv-shows on Netflix, but that isn’t very healthy nor are you socializing. and, you gain zero mental benefit from this. Which in return can make you set wrong priorities first and the important ones last, but everyone needs entertainment, if not life would be very boring. I feel that we don’t have a very specific line of how much time we should be spending, but instead how do you use that time. do you only binge watch on Netflix instead of hanging out with friends? Or do you socialize with your friends online and learn useful stuff? For my part I have a weekly meetup with friends offline, because sometimes online and social media just gets boring, like I gone through all my social media apps in less than an hour, and I still have the rest of the day to do something. It is very important to spend time offline and that you don’t get lost in the World wide web. When I meet my friends offline it is not only for entertainment purposes, we talk, and it helps our mental health as we motivate and help each other to do better and accomplish more at school. So, I found my balance with entertainment and schoolwork through spending time offline with friends, but it might not work for you. Everyone has their own way to balance things out between entertainment and school, they just need to find out what works for

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